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    • Specifications

    Steel Picket Fence Panels stand out for their blend of durability, aesthetics, and security. These panels, crafted from the highest-strength steel, are perfect for a range of applications, offering both functionality and style.







    Product Overview

    • Product Name: High Security Spear Top Powder Coated Garrison Fence for Perimeters Boundaries.
    • Material: This fence is constructed using Q195 steel, known for its good balance of strength and malleability, making it ideal for security fencing.
    • Surface Treatment: The steel undergoes a powder-coating process, available in Black, Grey, Cream, and Green. This coating provides an extra layer of protection against corrosion, weathering, and provides a visually appealing finish.
    • Color Options: Available in standard colors such as Black, White, and Green, but can also be customized to meet specific aesthetic requirements.

    Dimensions and Design

    • Rails: The horizontal rails of the fence come in various sizes including 30x30mm, 32x32mm, 38x25mm, 40x40mm, and 45x45mm. These dimensions provide robust support to the overall structure.
    • Pickets: The vertical elements, or pickets, are available in sizes 16x16mm, 19x19mm, and 25x25mm, offering a balance between security and aesthetic appeal.
    • Picket Spacing: We space the pickets at intervals of 100mm, 110mm, 116mm, 124mm, or 130mm. This spacing prevents easy climbing or passage through the fence while keeping a visually pleasing appearance.
    • Panel Height: The panels are available in heights ranging from 1000mm to 2400mm, catering to different security needs and preferences.
    • Panel Width: Panel widths are offered from 1800mm to 2500mm, allowing for versatile installation options and coverage.




    Fence Types

    • Variety of Tops: The fence panels come in different top styles including Flat Top, Loop Top, Spear Top, Ring Top, and Bent Top. Each style serves a unique aesthetic and functional purpose:
      • Flat Top: Offers a clean, minimalistic look.
      • Loop Top: Adds a decorative touch with looped metal at the top.
      • Spear Top: Ideal for high-security areas, the spear top discourages climbing and intrusion.
      • Ring Top: Features decorative rings for an elegant appearance.
      • Bent Top: Bent metal at the top provides both decoration and additional security.

    Applications of Steel Picket Fence Panels

    1. Residential Properties: Enhance home security and curb appeal with stylish designs.
    2. Educational Institutions: Provide a secure boundary for schools and playgrounds.
    3. Industrial and Commercial Sites: Ideal for protecting factories, warehouses, and business premises.
    4. Public Areas: Suitable for parks, gardens, and community centers, adding both security and aesthetic value.
    5. Pool Surroundings: Great for creating a safe pool perimeter without compromising on visibility.

    Benefits of Choosing Steel Picket Fence Panels

    1. Enhanced Security: The high-strength steel construction and spear top design deter intruders effectively.
    2. Long-Lasting Durability: Made from quality steel, these panels resist corrosion and withstand harsh weather conditions.
    3. Versatile Aesthetic Appeal: Available in various styles and colors, they complement any architectural design.
    4. Ease of Installation: Designed for straightforward handling and installation, saving time and labor costs.
    5. Low Maintenance: Powder-coated surfaces require minimal upkeep and retain their look over time.
    6. Customizable Options: Available in a range of sizes and styles, including flat top, loop top, spear top, ring top, and bent top.

    Detailed Product Specifications

    • Materials: Constructed from Q195 steel, known for its strength and malleability.
    • Surface Treatment: Options include powder-coated black, grey, cream, and green, offering long-lasting protection and finish.
    • Design Varieties: Choose from flat top, spear top, loop top, ring top, and bent top designs to suit your specific style preferences.
    • Dimensions: Panel sizes range in height from 1000mm to 2400mm and widths from 1800mm to 2500mm, accommodating different perimeter requirements.

    Why Choose Our Steel Picket Fence Panels?

    Our Steel Picket Fence Panels are not just barriers; they’re investments in the safety and aesthetic enhancement of your property. Whether securing a school, beautifying a residential area, or protecting a commercial space, these panels provide an effective, elegant, and durable solution.






    Steel Picket Fence Panels are the epitome of security, style, and functionality. They offer a versatile solution for various settings, ensuring peace of mind and enhancing the visual appeal of any property. Choose these panels for a fencing solution that combines strength, beauty, and practicality.

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