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Temporary Chain Link Fence Rental Prices

May 21, 2024

Temporary Chain Link Fence Rental Prices: Understanding the Costs and Factors,Temporary chain link fences are vital for various projects, from construction sites to special events. They offer security, crowd control, and privacy while maintaining a professional look. To make an informed decision and choose the right solution for your project, it’s crucial to understand the costs and factors associated with renting temporary chain link fences.

TEMPORARY CHAIN LINK FENCE RENTAL COST The cost of renting temporary chain link fencing depends on several factors, including the area size, fencing type, rental duration, and additional services needed. On average, rental prices range from $85 per day to $1125 per month.


Temporary chain link fences have many practical uses because they are easy to set up and take down. Here are some simple applications:

  1. Construction Sites: Builders use these fences to keep their construction areas safe and secure, keeping people out of danger zones.
  2. Events: For outdoor events like fairs, concerts, or festivals, these fences create boundaries and help with crowd control.
  3. Sports Events: Temporary chain link fences can surround sports fields or courts, keeping spectators safe and preventing unauthorized access.
  4. Parking Lots: They’re useful for creating temporary parking areas, especially during large events or busy times.

Temporary chain link fence rental prices can vary depending on several factors. Understanding these factors can help you budget and find the best deal for your project. In this article, we’ll explain what influences the cost of renting temporary chain link fences.

  1. Fence Length: The length of the fence you need plays a big role in the price. Longer fences typically cost more to rent.
  2. Fence Height: Taller fences require more material, which can increase the rental cost. Make sure you choose the right height for your needs.
  3. Duration of Rental: The longer you need the fence, the more it will cost. Consider your project’s timeline when budgeting.
  4. Location: Where you need the fence can affect the price. Factors like accessibility and local demand may impact rental rates.
  5. Additional Services: Some rental companies offer extra services like installation and maintenance. These can add to the overall cost.
  6. Seasonal Demand: Temporary chain link fence rental prices may be higher during peak construction or event seasons. Plan accordingly.
  7. Quantity: Renting more fences at once might get you a better rate per unit. Ask about discounts for larger quantities.



  1. Fence Length and Height: The area size you need to cover impacts the rental cost. Larger areas or taller fences may need more materials, increasing the price.
  2. Rental Duration: The rental period affects the overall cost, with longer durations usually resulting in higher monthly fees.
  3. Type of Fencing: Different temporary fencing types have varying costs. Chain link panels are typically more expensive than orange netted fencing or crowd control barriers.
  4. Additional Services: Extra services like trash management, porta potty rental, handwashing stations, or hand sanitizer stations will increase the overall rental cost.
  5. Delivery, Setup, and Installation: Some rental providers include these services in their fees, while others charge an additional fee. Clarify these charges when requesting a quote.

ESTIMATING TEMPORARY FENCING COSTS To estimate temporary chain link fence rental prices accurately, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the area size and the fencing height required, helping you calculate the total length needed.
  2. Decide on the fencing type and any additional services required.
  3. Research rental providers in your area and request quotes based on your needs.
  4. Compare rental prices and services to find the best value for your project.


Understanding the factors influencing temporary chain link fence rental prices helps make informed decisions and choose the right solution for your project. By evaluating your needs and comparing rental providers, you can find the most cost-effective option that meets your requirements.


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