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    The 1200mmx2450mm Square Picket Fence: A Modern Twist on Classic Fencing

    Fencing is not just about demarcating boundaries; it’s about making a statement. The 1200mmx2450mm Square Picket Fence does just that, offering a contemporary take on the classic picket fence design that has been a staple in landscaping for years. This modern fence design provides a sleek, clean look with the security and privacy you need.



    Specification CategorySpecification Detail
    Product Name1200mmx2450mm Square Picket Fence
    MaterialGalvanized Steel
    Surface FinishPowder Coated with Interpon Anti-UV Black Stain
    Panel DimensionsHeight: 1200mm; Width: 2450mm
    Pickets25mm x 25mm, Thickness: 1.0mm to 1.6mm
    Rails40mm x 40mm, Thickness Options: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm
    Post Options60mm x 60mm x 1.5mm or 80mm x 80mm x 2.0mm
    Picket SpacingCenter to Center: 125mm
    ColourStandard: Black (Custom Colors Available)
    PackagingPacked in Pallet
    Additional ItemsIncludes Post Caps, Brackets, and Self-Drilling Screws
    ApplicationsResidential, Commercial, Industrial, Public Spaces
    CustomizationOEM and ODM Services Available
    Assembly MethodVertical Tube Welded to Rails or Face-to-Face

    Applications for Every Setting

    • Residential Homes: Enhance your home’s curb appeal while ensuring pets and children stay safe.
    • Gardens and Parks: Define walking areas and protect plant life without obstructing the view.
    • Commercial Properties: Maintain a secure perimeter that complements the professional environment.
    • Public Spaces: Use around playgrounds, pools, and community centers for safety and aesthetics.

    Benefits Beyond Boundaries 1200mmx2450mm Square Picket Fence

    1. Style Meets Security: The 1200mm height is perfect for keeping unwanted visitors out while the square picket design adds a touch of elegance.
    2. Durability for Years: Made with high-quality materials, these fences withstand the test of time and weather.
    3. Privacy without Seclusion: The 2450mm width offers ample privacy while the spacing between pickets keeps the area open and airy.
    4. Low Maintenance: This fence is easy to clean and requires little upkeep, thanks to its robust construction and quality finish.

    From Raw Material to Refined Edges: The Production Process

    The journey of creating a Square Picket Fence is meticulous:

    Material Selection: We start with premium, galvanized steel for strength and rust resistance.

    Cutting and Shaping: Precision tools cut and shape the steel into the iconic square pickets and rails.

    Welding and Assembly: Skilled technicians weld the pickets to the rails, creating a solid structure.

    Coating for Longevity: We coat the entire fence with a layer of powder finish for extra protection against the elements and UV radiation.

    Packaging with Care for 1200mmx2450mm Square Picket Fence

    We carefully package each fence panel:

    Protective Wrapping: We wrap the panels to prevent scratches during transit.

    Palletized: We place panels on pallets to ensure they stay secure and are easy to move.

    Ready for Assembly: We pack the fence with all necessary accessories for easy installation upon arrival.

    In conclusion, the 1200mmx2450mm Square Picket Fence is more than just a fence; it’s a durable, stylish, and practical addition to any property. With its easy installation and low maintenance, it’s a smart choice for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor space with a product that combines the charm of traditional design with modern functionality.

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