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Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Prices | Complete Guides

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching effects on various industries, and the steel market is no exception. The Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Prices have experienced a significant increase compared to previous years, with prices soaring up to 2.5 times higher. However, amidst these challenging circumstances, there are still affordable options available for those in need of perforated stainless steel sheets.

Manufacturers of standard thickness micro round hole metal sheet perforated steel plate


Sheet ThicknessHole Diameter Range (Inches)Hole Diameter Range (mm)Open Area (Inches)Open Area (mm)
0.055"0.0165 - 0.01980.40 - 0.500.033"0.84 mm
0.066"0.0165 - 0.01980.40 - 0.500.045"1.14 mm
3/32"0.026 - 0.0530.66 - 1.351/16"1.59 mm
1/8"0.046 - 0.0531.17 - 1.361/16"1.59 mm
9/64"0.054 - 0.0651.37 - 1.653/32"2.38 mm
5/32"0.026 - 0.0790.66 - 2.003/32"2.38 mm
1/4"0.033 - 0.0530.84 - 1.353/32"2.38 mm
3/16"0.026 - 0.1290.80 - 2.891/8"3.17 mm
7/32"0.026 - 0.0390.66 - 0.991/8"3.17 mm
3/16"0.026 - 0.0650.66 - 1.655/32"3.97 mm
1/4"0.026 - 0.0790.66 - 2.003/16"4.76 mm
5/16"0.029", 0.059"0.73, 1.503/16"4.76 mm
5/16"0.026 - 0.0790.66 - 2.001/4"6.35 mm
3/8"0.012", 0.026 - 0.065"0.30, 0.66 - 1.651/4"6.35 mm
11/16"0.059", 0.12T*1.50, 3.001/2"12.70 mm

Please note that the values in the table are based on the information provided, and the actual specifications may vary depending on the manufacturer and specific product offerings

Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Prices Part-1: Affordable Options for Various Applications

When it comes to perforated stainless steel sheets, a wide range of options exists to cater to different requirements. Here are some examples:

  1. UNS S20200 SS 202: With a price range of US $1000 - US $1500 per ton (FOB Price), this stainless steel sheet offers durability and versatility for various applications.

  2. Expanded Metal Stainless Steel Type 316 Perforated Sheet: Available at a price range of US $0.5 - US $5.5 per square meter (FOB Price), this sheet with 9 gauge thickness is suitable for a range of industrial purposes.

  3. Stainless Steel 316 Decorated Perforated Metal Mesh: Priced at US $12 - US $60 per piece (FOB Price), this sheet offers an aesthetically pleasing option for decorative applications.

  4. Cold Rolled BA Finish / 2B Finish AISI304 Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet Cut to Size: Ranging from US $1226 - US $3256 per ton, this customizable sheet provides a versatile solution for specific sizing needs.

  5. Perforated Stainless Steel 304 Sheet: Priced between US $2500 - US $3500 per ton, this sheet offers durability and corrosion resistance for a variety of applications.

Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Prices 2: Specialized Options for Specific Needs

For customers seeking specific features or applications, the market offers a variety of specialized options. Here are a few examples:

  1. 304 Round Hole Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet: Available at a price range of US $25 - US $40 per piece, this sheet is suitable for applications requiring round perforations.

  2. Inox 304 Food Grade Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet: Ranging from US $30 - US $80 per unit, this sheet meets stringent sanitary standards and is ideal for kitchen appliances.

  3. ASTM A240 Round Hole 202 Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet: Priced at US $2000 - US $3000 per ton, this sheet offers high quality and durability for various industrial applications.

Customizable Solutions for Your Needs:

If the listed perforated stainless steel sheets do not meet your specific requirements, there is no need to worry. We provide customizable options to accommodate your unique designs or ideas. Our team can work with your drawings and specifications to create customized perforated metal sheets that suit your exact needs.

Perforated metal sheets with micro round hole patterns are often sought after due to their versatile and flexible applications. Here's why:

  1. Efficient Production: Round hole perforation is the most common method in metal sheet perforation due to its simplicity and efficient manufacturing process.

  2. Maintenance: Perforated metal sheets with round holes require minimal maintenance. Their design provides excellent resistance to wear and tear, ensuring their long-lasting performance.


The preference for round hole patterns over square or slotted holes is mainly because they offer an ideal balance of manufacturing simplicity, maintenance ease, and cost-effectiveness. Plus, their abundant variety in terms of gauges, diameters, sheet sizes, and material choices make it simpler to find the perfect product tailored to your specific requirements.


Despite the significant increase in Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Prices due to the impact of COVID-19, there are still affordable options available in the market. By exploring the diverse range of options provided, customers can find suitable solutions for their specific applications. Furthermore, our team is ready to assist in customizing perforated metal sheets according to your unique requirements. Contact us today to discuss your needs and obtain an updated price quote.




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