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    • Specifications

    The 358 high-security fence panels (12,7 mm x 76,2mm) in combination with 4mm (Light) – 6mm (Heavy) wire turns this panel into a high-security Fence. This brings substantial advantages; the small pattern makes it difficult to climb and penetrate (cut) the fence. This security fence is the ultimate answer to the constantly higher high-security requirements worldwide.





    The production standard for the 358 high-security fence panels involves several steps:

    • We galvanize the wires of the 358 high-security fence panels according to EN 10244-2, Class-D, ensuring a minimum zinc coating of 40 gr/m2. This makes the wires resistant to corrosion.
    • After welding, we treat the panels and add a conversion layer. This improves their resistance to corrosion and helps the polyester powder coating stick better.
    • We apply a polyester powder coating that is about 100 μm thick for extra durability.
    • We check the panels against several standards to ensure their quality:
      • EN ISO 2409:2013 for the cross-cut test, which checks the adhesion of the paint.
      • EN ISO 1519:2011 for the bend test, ensuring the coating remains intact when bent.
      • EN ISO 2813:1999 for measuring the gloss of the paint at a 60° angle to make sure it looks right.
    • Our 358 High-Security Fence Panels also pass the EN ISO 9227:2012 salt spray test, proving they can withstand corrosive environments.

    After finishing:

    • We first use pre-galvanized wire with a minimum of 40 g/m² zinc coating. Then, we add a polyester powder coating that’s 100µm thick for extra protection.
    • The standard colors are RAL 6005 & RAL 7016, but you can request other colors too.
    • The 358 High-Security Fence panels made from galvanized wire are certified by TÜV, showing they meet high-quality standards.






    Applications of the 358 High-Security Fence include power plants, warehouses, distribution centers, laboratories, prisons, military sites, penitentiaries, airports, financial institutions, stadiums, the private sector, and gate panels.

    Technical details of the 358 High-Security Fence are as follows:

    • It comes in two thicknesses: Heavy (6 x 4mm) and Light (4 x 4mm).
    • You can also choose from other types of security fences like 2D, 3D, and 4D.
    • The horizontal wires are 4 – 6mm thick, and the vertical wire is 4mm thick.
    • The panel width is 2,518 mm for the Light version and 2,520 mm for the Heavy version.
    • The panel height ranges from 2,000mm to 6,000 mm.
    • The pattern measures 12.7 mm x 76.2 mm.
    • Our 358 High-Security Fence Panels Welding meets the EN 10223-7 standard. We offer other dimensions upon request.

    358 Light Panels

    Panel TypePanel Height (mm)Panel Width (mm)Mesh Pattern (mm)Weight / Panel
    358 Light20002518.476.2 x 12.740.53
    358 Light24002518.476.2 x 12.748.48
    358 Light30002518.476.2 x 12.760.80
    358 Light36002518.476.2 x 12.772.87
    358 Light40002518.476.2 x 12.780.82
    358 Light47002518.476.2 x 12.795.20
    358 Light54002518.476.2 x 12.7109.31
    358 Light60002518.476.2 x 12.7121.36

    358 Heavy Panels

    Panel TypePanel Height (mm)Panel Width (mm)Mesh Pattern (mm)Weight / Panel
    358 Heavy20002520.176.2 x 12.747.47
    358 Heavy24002520.176.2 x 12.756.56
    358 Heavy30002520.176.2 x 12.770.94
    358 Heavy36002520.176.2 x 12.785.02
    358 Heavy40002520.176.2 x 12.794.31
    358 Heavy47002520.176.2 x 12.7111.08
    358 Heavy54002520.176.2 x 12.7127.56
    358 Heavy60002520.176.2 x 12.7141.64

    2D Panels 358 high-security fence

    Panel TypePanel Height (mm)Panel Width (mm)Mesh Pattern (mm)Weight / Panel
    2D12002520.176.2 x 12.731.57
    2D20002520.176.2 x 12.750.64
    2D24002520.176.2 x 12.762.09
    2D30002520.176.2 x 12.773.53
    2D60002520.176.2 x 12.7149.81

    Conclusion 358 high-security fence

    The 358 high-security fence is a strong and reliable option for protecting various important places like power plants, military sites, and airports. It comes in two types: Light and Heavy, with different heights and weights to suit different needs. The fence is made from galvanized wire to prevent rust and coated with polyester powder to last longer. It meets several quality standards, ensuring it is tough against cuts and climbing. Whether you need to secure a small area or a large one, the 358 high-security fence offers a durable solution that keeps unwanted visitors out.

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