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    BMP stands out as a premier one of leading 358 fence manufacturers industry. They craft their 358 fence panels with a meticulous mesh pattern measuring 76.2mm x 12.7mm, using 4mm diameter vertical and horizontal wires. They employ resistance welding at each intersection to construct panels that boast exceptional strength and visual appeal. BMP offers a variety of square hollow section posts designed to match the specific fencing requirements, with heights ranging from 1.20m to 5.20m. To secure the panels to the posts, they use a 75mm panel overlap and a clamp bar system, which M8 bolts and Permacone nuts firmly fix in place. Additionally, they provide factory-fitted inserts and stainless steel Permabolts as an optional feature for enhanced security and durability.







    Custom Solutions from Leading Manufacturers

    Recognizing the diverse needs of high-security environments, 358 fence manufacturers offer customizable options to meet specific requirements. Whether it’s adjusting the dimensions, enhancing the corrosion resistance with advanced coatings, or integrating additional security features like anti-climb spikes, manufacturers work closely with clients to tailor solutions that fit their unique security needs.

    Applications of 358 Fencing

    From prisons and airports to industrial sites and utility infrastructures, the applications of 358 fencing are vast and varied. Manufacturers have developed specialized variants, like 358 fences with integrated detection systems, to cater to the nuanced demands of these environments, ensuring that the fencing not only serves as a physical barrier but also as a component of a comprehensive security system.

    358 Fence Benefits

    1. High Security: Nearly impossible to climb or cut through.
    2. Visibility: Allows clear sight lines for surveillance.
    3. Durability: Resistant to weather and wear, ensuring long-term use.
    4. Cost-Effective: Minimal maintenance requirements reduce long-term costs.
    5. Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications from industrial to residential.
    6. Aesthetic Appeal: Can be powder-coated to fit various architectural styles.
    7. Customizable: Height and width can be adjusted to meet specific requirements.
    8. Quick Installation: Designed for efficient installation on various terrains.
    9. Integration: Compatible with surveillance cameras and motion detectors.

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    Securifor 358 security panels are extremely difficult to penetrate, with the small mesh aperture being effectively finger proof and extremely difficult to attack using conventional hand tools. It is also challenging and time-consuming to attempt to pass items from the protected area through the fencing. For this reason alone, it makes the protection of valuable wire and cable a viable proposition.

    Resistance to burrowing and climbing The bottom of the panel can be supplied extended 300mm in the base for burying below the ground. A concrete sill can also be specified to counter efforts to burrow beneath the fence line. Brackets to support barbed wire or tape provide additional protection to deter the most ambitious climber.






     Table 1: Specifications for 358 Fence manufacturers recommended Panels and Posts (2.0m to 3.6m Heights)

    Fence Height (m)Panel Size (Height x Width, mm)Post Section (mm)Overall Length (mm)Total Number of FixingsInters- 1 Clamp BarCorners- 2 Clamp Bars
    2.02007 x 251560x60x2.52700714
    2.42400 x 251560x60x2.53100918
    3.02997 x 251580x80x2.538001122
    3.33302 x 251580x80x2.542001224
    3.63607 x 2515100x60x3450013
    3.63607 x 2515100x100x3450026

    Table 2: Specifications for 358 Fence manufacturers recommended Posts (4.2m to 5.2m Heights)

    Fence Height (m)Panel Size (Height x Width, mm)Post Section (mm)Overall Length (mm)Total Number of FixingsInters- 1 Clamp BarCorners- 2 Clamp Bars
    4.24204 x 2515100x100x452001530
    4.54496 x 2515100x100x555001632
    5.25207 x 2515120x120x562001836

    Finish-anti corrosion treatment

    As one of the leading 358 fence manufacturers,We offer a range of treatments, including zinc and aluminium content, to significantly enhance the lifespan of our products. We hot dip galvanize the posts and clamps for extra durability. Typically, we supply panels with a polyester powder-coated finish in RAL 6005 (green) or RAL 9005 (black), but we can provide other colors if requested. This polyester powder coating adds further protection to the primary Zinc Super layer, extending the potential lifespan of the panels.

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