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    BMP’s Chain Link Fence Panels are a standout solution for those in need of reliable and easy-to-install temporary fencing. Known for their versatility, these panels are perfect for a wide range of applications, from securing construction sites to managing crowds at events.




    Easy Installation and Robust Materials:

    One of the key features of our Chain Link Fence Panels is the ease of installation. You don’t need to dig holes or lay foundations, making setup and removal quick and efficient. We use low carbon steel wire and high-quality mild steel wire, ensuring the strength and durability of each panel. To enhance longevity, we use Al-Mg alloy wire in the construction.

    Surface Finishing for Lasting Durability:

    Our panels are finished with hot-dipped galvanization or standard galvanization, adding a layer of protection against corrosion. This finishing ensures that the panels can withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for both short-term and long-term use.

    Chain Link Fence Panels Specifications for Every Need:

    We offer a range of specifications to fit different requirements:

    • Tubing Diameter Options: Ranging from 1¼” (32mm) to 1⅞” (48mm).
    • Tubing Thickness: Standard 16GA/1.6mm, with customization available.
    • Chain Mesh Aperture: Sizes include 2″x2″ (50mm x 50mm) up to 2½”x2½” (63mm x 63mm).
    • Panel Sizes: Available from 6ft x 12ft to 4ft x 12ft, catering to various project sizes.
    • Height & Width: Ranging from 4ft to 8ft in height and up to 12ft in width.
    Specification FeatureDetails
    Product TypeChain Link Fence Panels
    Available Sizes4ft x 10ft, 6ft x 12ft, 8ft x 10ft, 8ft x 12ft
    MaterialLow carbon steel wire, high-quality mild steel wire, Al-Mg alloy wire
    Surface FinishingHot-dipped galvanized, standard galvanized
    Tubing Diameter Options1¼”(32mm), 1⅜”(35mm), 1½”(38mm), 1⅗”(40mm), 1⅝”(42mm), 1⅞”(48mm)
    Tubing Thickness16GA/1.6mm (Customizable sizes available)
    Chain Mesh Aperture2″x2″ (50mm x 50mm), 2¼”x2¼” (57mmx57mm), 2⅜”x2⅜” (60mmx60mm), 2½”x2½” (63mmx63mm)
    Panel Height4ft (1220mm), 6ft (1820mm), 8ft (2420mm)
    Panel Width12ft (3650mm) (Also available: 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 14ft)
    Wire Diameter/Gauge10ga (3.2mm), 10.5ga (3.00mm), 11ga (2.90mm), 11.5ga (2.75mm), 12ga (2.60mm), 12.5ga (2.5mm), 13ga (2.3mm)
    Base Options– 36″ L x 30″ W x 8″ H (914mm x 762mm x 203mm) – 36″ L x 16″ W x 8″ H (914mm x 406mm x 203mm) – 30″ L x 18″ W x 8″ H (762mm x 460mm x 203mm)
    Standards ComplianceASTM A392-06
    FinishCorrosion-Resistant Zinc Coating
    HDG Zinc ThicknessRanges from 14 microns (100g/SQM) to 84 microns (600g/SQM)
    ApplicationsConstruction sites, crowd control at events, commercial and residential areas

    Chain Link Fence Panels Sturdy and Convenient Design:

    Our chain link mesh temporary fence includes panels, pipes, clamps, and bases, providing sturdiness and stability in various settings. The panels stand between 1.8 to 2.4 meters high, covering most fencing needs. The clamps lock the round posts securely, ensuring the panels stay connected.

    Packaging & Shipping for Maximum Protection:

    We pack our Chain Link Fence Panels securely on metal pallets with carton boards around the panels to minimize transit damage. We wrap the bases in plastic film to keep them clean and pack the clamps in small cartons for added protection.




    Diverse Applications:

    Our Chain Link Fence Panels are ideal for:

    • Construction Sites: Offering a secure boundary to keep sites safe.
    • Event Management: Useful for crowd control at concerts, festivals, and sporting events.
    • Residential Projects: Providing a temporary barrier during home renovations.

    Chain Link Fence Panels Our Commitment to Service:

    At BMP, we are committed to providing not only high-quality products but also exceptional service. Our services include:

    • Sample Availability: To help you make an informed decision.
    • Fast Delivery: Ensuring you receive your order promptly, usually within 15 days after receiving a 30% deposit.
    • Customer Support: Offering after-sale service and 24-hour online assistance.

    In summary, BMP’s Temp Fence Panels for sale are the perfect solution for various temporary fencing needs. With their easy installation, robust materials, and versatile applications, these panels are an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable temporary fencing. Visit our website to explore our range and find the best fencing solution for your project.

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