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    • Specifications

    BMP’s high-quality Chain Link Panel Fence are designed for both strength and convenience. Constructed with 11.5 gauge chain link fabric and reinforced with horizontal and vertical cross bars, these panels provide robust support for a variety of uses.


    Chain Link Panel Fence Specifications:

    • Fence Panel Height: Available in 4ft, 6ft, 8ft.
    • Fence Panel Width/Length: Options include 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, and more.
    • Wire Diameter: Choose from 2.7mm (11.5 gauge), 2.5mm, or 3mm.
    • Chain Link Mesh Size: Options include 57x57mm (2-1/4″), 50x50mm, 60x60mm, etc.
    • Frame Tube O.D: Available in 33.4mm (1-3/8″), 32mm, or 42mm (1-5/8″) with 0.065″ wall thickness.
    • Vertical/Cross Tube O.D: 25mm or 32mm with 1.6mm (0.065″) wall thickness.
    • Fence Base/Stand: Sizes include 610x590mm (24” x 23”), 762x460mm (30” x 18”), etc.
    • Materials & Treatment: Panels are made from hot-dipped galvanized steel and all joints are welded and sprayed with galvanized paint.


    Main Features:

    • Easy To Manage: The chain link fence panel is simple to set up and take down, movable, and practical. Installation doesn’t require disturbing the ground with holes.
    • Quick and Effective Security: Ideal for securing construction sites, private properties, and public events. The panel fences, available in two standard sizes, provide versatile security solutions.
    • Low Maintenance: Once installed, these panels require minimal upkeep and offer a clear, distinct barrier for various applications.


    BMP’s chain link fence panels are versatile, perfect for construction sites, public events, domestic housing sites, animal enclosures, and crowd control. The variety in sizes allows for flexibility in different environments.

    Our panels come in two types:

    1. Conventional Techniques: Features tension bars and bands, tied with tie wires for a secure hold.
    2. Fully Laced Diamonds: Each diamond is fully laced on all sides, placing the chain link within a frame-like setting to prevent snagging.

    Chain Link Panel Fence Packaging & Shipping:

    • Panels: Packaged in bulk for efficient container loading.
    • Stands/Feet: Securely fastened on steel pallets with nylon belts.
    • Clamps: Packed in cartons, with 50 pieces per carton.
    • Screen/Shade Cloth: Bundled if required.

    BMP’s Chain Link Panel Fence are a testament to practicality and durability, offering an ideal solution for a wide range of temporary or semi-permanent fencing needs. With easy installation, adaptability, and low maintenance, these panels are an excellent choice for efficient and effective fencing.


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