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    Collapsible wire mesh containers, also known as metal storage containers or butterfly cages, are key for storing and moving stuff around. They let you keep things neatly stacked, see everything at once, and count your inventory easily, making better use of your storage space.

    You can customize these containers to fit any size you need. They are easy to load and unload, even when stacked up high. You can pile these containers up to four levels, turning your storage into a smart, space-saving setup. When you’re not using them, you can fold them down and stack them away to free up space.

    To keep your items safe during transport and storage, you can line the containers with cardboard or Wantong board. These containers are perfect for moving goods around, loading and unloading, and storing items because they are affordable and efficient.






    1. Collapsible wire mesh containers Based on loading standard, made of high-quality iron wire or steel after refrigerated hardening and welding. With high pressure-resistant ability, stackability and durability.

    2. Reasonably designed piles and pillars. Both loaded stack and empty pile one on another are available. Make full use of the room and save logistics costs. Realize three-dimensional storage and warehousing.
    3. Reasonably designed plates can be half or full opened from both the front and the side for convenient load and unload.
    4. Plastic spraying or galvanization for frame and wire mesh. Aesthetic appearance and long service life.
    5. Preventing goods from hitting or scratching each other or small items dropping out, plastic plates can be added inside the container to enhance stability and keep them in good condition.
    6. Especially designed bottom. Easy for forklift trucks to load and unload. Collapsible wire mesh containers can be used affiliated with containers. Save time and advance efficiency.



    Wire Mesh Storage Containers Specifications

    TypeExterior Dimensions (mm)Wire Gauge (mm)Mesh Size (mm)Load Capacity (kg)

    Wire Mesh Containers Volume and Dimensions


    TypeOverall Size (mm)Inner Size (mm)Volume (m³)Wire Diameter (mm)



    Collapsible wire mesh containers are super handy storage and transport tools. They are strong, can carry a lot of weight, and you can see through them to check what’s inside easily. One of their best features is that you can fold them down when you’re not using them, which saves a lot of space. Whether you’re moving goods in a warehouse, keeping your workshop organized, or displaying items in a store, these containers are a great choice because they’re versatile, durable, and easy to use. Plus, they can be stacked up high, making the most of the space you have. In short, collapsible wire mesh containers make storing and moving items more efficient and organized.

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