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    • Specifications
    Crowd control safety barriers made of The outside perimeter (mainframe) is 38mm diameter pre-galvanized steel tubing, 1.8mm thickness. The outer frame is a single length of tubing without welds or deformation. The pipe bent at right angles with a minimum of smooth deformation. Horizontal and vertical bars are at right angles to the overall frame. Crowd control safety barriers are the ideal solution to many pedestrian control needs. The barrier can ensure the safety of the public, keeping good order. Their feet feature provides a quick and efficient solution in any situation where you need to divert patrons and the general public away from a designated area.





    crowd control safety barriers (also referred to as crowd control barricades, with some versions called a french barrier or bike rack in the USA) are commonly used at many public events.

    Crowd control barriers have been designed for use at events that need to accommodate a larger crowd. They are designed to discourage transgression and physically encourage directional order and crowd control. Their flat feet feature (to prevent trip hazards) provides a quick and efficient solution in any situation where you need to divert patrons and the general public away from a designated area.




    Specification of crowd control safety barriers

    Product name:
    Crowd Control Barrier
    Panel size:
    1.1*2.1m, 1.1*2.2m, 1.1*2.5m, 1.2*2.5m
    100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 190mm, 200mm
    1. Detached flat feet; 2. Bridge feet; 3. Settled v type feet
    Frame & Middle pipe:
    25mm 32mm 38mm 42mm 48mm etc. or as your requirement
    crowd control safety barriers Surface treatment:
    Hot dipped galvanized, PVC, Galvanized.
    Solid and robust at the same time
    Easy to handle and remove
    Far more weather resistant
    Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation and maintenance.
    we will clear all welding slags to ensure the fencing has no sharps and have an excellent smooth
    The whole barrier panel (welded mesh panel and frame tube) through hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated after welding.
    Customized panel shape or specification is also available.





    Crowd control safety barriers play a key role in managing people at events, construction sites, and public areas. Here are some of their main applications and benefits:

    Crowd control safety barriers Applications:

    1. Events: They help organize lines and manage entry and exit points during concerts, sports games, and festivals.
    2. Construction Sites: Barriers keep people away from dangerous areas, protecting them from harm.
    3. Public Spaces: They guide pedestrian traffic in busy places like train stations, shopping malls, and city squares.
    4. Emergency Situations: Barriers can quickly create safe zones and direct people during emergencies.
    5. Traffic Control: They help manage vehicle and pedestrian flow around roadworks and accidents.


    1. Safety: Barriers protect people from entering hazardous areas or getting too close to dangerous situations.
    2. Order: They help maintain order by guiding people where to go, making events and public spaces more organized.
    3. Efficiency: Using barriers can make crowd management more efficient, reducing waiting times and improving the overall experience.
    4. Flexibility: They are easy to move and set up, making them perfect for temporary or changing needs.
    5. Durability: Made to last, these barriers can withstand harsh weather and heavy use, making them a good investment for safety and crowd control.


    Crowd control safety barriers are essential tools for managing large groups of people at events, construction sites, and public spaces. They help keep people safe by directing movement and preventing access to restricted areas. These barriers are durable, easy to set up, and versatile, making them suitable for various situations. They not only ensure public safety but also help in organizing events smoothly by guiding crowds efficiently. Therefore, using crowd control barriers is a practical and reliable way to manage crowds and enhance safety during gatherings and in areas where it’s crucial to control people’s movement.

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