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    Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers work as both a real and a “keep out” sign. They help mark no-go areas and organize lines. Riot police use them to manage big groups. These barriers are usually steel. They work best when linked together. This way, they form strong lines that don’t easily fall over. You can use these barriers in many ways, making them great to pair with other heavy-duty barriers for better control.

    Their unique design means ththey’reasy to handle and are compact to store. Crowd Control Barriers use a built-in clasp and hook method to lock together, allowing for easy opening of long rows on demand when access is needed.





    Application Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers

    The crowd control barrier is commonly used at many public events. Crowd Control Barricades are frequently visible at sporting events, parades, political rallies, demonstrations, and outdoor festivals. Event organizers, venue managers, and security personnel use barricades as part of their crowd management planning.


    The main frame of the outside perimeter features a 38mm diameter galvanized steel tube with a minimum thickness of 1.4mm (after coating). The outer frame is a single piece of tubing without any welds or deformations. Workers bend the pipe at right angles to ensure only minimal and smooth deformation occurs. They position both horizontal and vertical bars at right angles to the frame.

    For the grill, it includes 14 equally spaced bars inside the vertical members, made from 16mm diameter pre-galvanized steel tubing with a minimum thickness of 1.0mm (before coating). The 14 interior bars are 115mm apart, measured from the outside diameter to the outside diameter.

    For locking, the Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers use a left and right hook interlocking system. This design ensures easy installation and a more robust fence system.

    Regarding finishing, there are two options available: pre-galvanization followed by spray painting on the weld points, or pre-galvanization with powder coating in various colors. Any RAL color is available for selection.




    Overall lengthOverall heightWeight:Frame pipe:Grill pipeGrill No.Grill spaceFinishing
    2170mm1100mm17kgs± 0.5kgs38*1.6mm16*1.2mm14115mmPre-galvanized or powder coated

    Heavy duty crowd control barriers offer several benefits:

    1. They keep people safe by directing crowds smoothly.
    2. They are very strong and can last a long time.
    3. You can set them up and move them around easily.
    4. They work well for managing lots of people at events or public places.
    5. They help prevent accidents by keeping crowds in order.
    6. You can use them to protect important areas or things from being damaged.
    7. They offer a clear way for people to follow, making it easier to get around.


    Heavy duty crowd control barriers are great for managing large groups of people safely and efficiently. They are strong, long-lasting, and easy to move and set up wherever needed. These barriers help prevent accidents and protect important areas, making them essential for events and public spaces. They guide people clearly, making it easier for everyone to move around without confusion.

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