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Hoarding Fence for Temporary Needs


Product Description:

As leaders in the fencing industry, BMP proudly offers the optimal solution for temporary hoarding fence needs. We've developed a system utilizing a standard temporary fencing frame with a corrugated steel infill, crafting an exceptionally functional temporary hoarding panel. Our method combines practicality, cost-effectiveness, and resilience in one comprehensive solution.

Portable and Private Hoarding Panels

Our steel hoarding panels are easy to move and give you top-notch privacy. Their solid design means people can't see into your site, which makes things more secure and private. You can set these panels up or take them down fast, and use them again and again at different places.

Temporary Hoarding for Secure Screening

Need to cover up an area or keep equipment safe? Our Heavy-duty Hoarding Fence is perfect for the job. You can put it up quickly to make a strong barrier. It keeps people out who shouldn't be there, works great for marking boundaries, and meets your needs for privacy.

Superior Quality and Customizable Features

Our Hoarding Fence has a tough galvanized finish and the panels are usually 0.4mm thick. But if you need, we can make them thicker. They are 2 meters wide and 2.1 meters tall. You can also get gates for both walkers and vehicles. Plus, we have extra stuff to keep the panels from blowing over in the wind. They usually stand on a solid concrete or rubber base and are held together with a couple of couplers.

Ground-Friendly Systems for Every Site

In-Ground System

Our in-ground system features a tube inserted into the ground, clamped securely to the panel's top and bottom. This offers a secure fixing that is ideal for use on soft ground, providing a fixed site perimeter. This Hoarding Fence system is particularly beneficial when working area space is vital.

On-Ground System

In contrast, our on-ground system uses a support brace and loading tray, attached to the top coupler ballast (100kg) to weigh down the system. This is perfect for hard standing, offering the flexibility to move around the site as necessary.

Hoarding Panels Specifications

Our hoarding panels are designed with a powder-coated corrugated steel surface for durability and a high-strength galvanized frame for increased resistance to wear and tear. Measuring 2000mm long and 2100mm high, they are lightweight yet highly robust, making them very maneuverable on-site. They are installed with standard fencing feet and clips, and we proudly back our workmanship with a 12-month warranty.

For further customization, we offer temporary hoarding with a powder-coated corrugated steel thickness of 0.45mm. The flexibility of our solutions and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make BMP your go-to provider for all your hoarding fence needs.

SurfacePowder-coated corrugated steel
FrameHigh-strength galvanized
Warranty12-month on workmanship
InstallationStandard fencing feet and clips
Panel FinishGalvanized (can be powder-coated as per customer requirements)
Panel Thickness0.4mm (customizable)
Size2m x 2.1m
Gates AvailablePedestrian and vehicle gates
AccessoriesAvailable for ensuring stability in windy conditions
UseWith concrete or rubber base & two couplers
System OptionsIn-ground system and on-ground system





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