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Hoarding Panels: Controlling Access and Ensuring Privacy


Product Description:

BMP brings you fast, simple, and safe steel hoarding panel systems. They are your go-to solution for stopping unwanted access, marking boundaries, and keeping areas private. Our panels have a galvanized finish, are 0.4mm thick, and are 2m by 2.165m in size. If you need panels of a different thickness, we can do that too. We also let you choose to powder coat the panels in any color you need.

 Easy Access with Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates

To ensure ease of access to your site, we provide pedestrian and vehicle gates as part of our fencing and Hoarding Panels solutions. We understand that site conditions can sometimes be challenging, especially in windy conditions. Thus, we also provide accessories that help stabilise the fencing system.

 Unveiling the Concept of  Hoarding Panels

Hoarding is essentially a temporary wooden or metal fence erected around a construction or repair site near a road, highway, or public footpath. These fences or scaffolds create a barrier between pedestrians and the site and provide overhead protection, ensuring public safety. The materials predominantly used for erecting hoarding include structural timber and steel, prefabricated steel, iron sheets, and scaffolding.

 Safety Guidelines and Recommendations for Hoarding

Safety is paramount in construction and civil engineering works. It is crucial to provide a safe environment for workers and the public around the construction site. Therefore, we strongly recommend barricading all construction sites located alongside roads with protective hoarding. Our hoarding panels are designed to protect the public from potential dangers within the site and act as a security barrier to prevent trespassing.

. Our Commitment to High Standards

At BMP, we ensure that our hoarding fences maintain a safe distance from permanent structures and have a maximum height of 2000mm, maintaining continuity to the ground. We strive to comply with the specifications of the Planning Authority, ensuring our hoarding structures are well-designed, properly constructed, and well-maintained.

Hoarding Panels Specifications

Our fencing panels are known for their quality and durability. The popular sizes of our U-profiles include 50-30-50mm, 50-40-50mm, and 60-40-60mm. We offer frame pipes in sizes such as 32mm, 40mm, and 48mm, and panels in thickness ranging from 0.3mm to 0.65mm. Standard panel sizes include 18002240mm and 20002160mm, and they are available in blue, red, and grey colours. We can also customise sizes to meet your specific needs.

U-profile Sizes50-30-50mm, 50-40-50mm, 60-40-60mm
Frame Pipe Diameter32mm, 40mm, 48mm
Panel Thickness0.3mm-0.65mm
Panel Size (Height*Length)1800x2240mm, 2000x2160mm
Available ColorsBlue, Red, Grey (other colors available on request)
Hoarding Fencing Panels Thickness0.60mm
Hoarding Fencing Panels DesignCorrugated Steel Sheet

Corrugated Steel Hoarding Panels

BMP also provides hoarding fencing panels with a sheet thickness of 0.60mm. Our steel hoarding panels come in a corrugated design, offering robustness and durability. Explore the myriad of fencing and hoarding solutions by BMP today, and invest in safety and security for your construction site.





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