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    Sheep Panels for Sale: Our fence panels, made with welded, hot-dipped galvanized pipes, are perfect for fencing in livestock like sheep and goats. They’re easy to put together and light enough to handle comfortably. Made from strong steel, these metal sheep panels are ideal for setting up portable or permanent pens. You can quickly join the sheep panels using a drop pin that slides through the lugs on each panel’s post. Building sheep yards is a breeze with these panels, and since they’re portable, you can create holding areas of any size. They’re tough, can handle different levels of stock pressure, and come with 16mm pins, ready for use.

    You’ll find putting our sheep panels for sale together a snap. Each one has two double lugs and two single lugs for cattle pins. Just slide the pins into the lugs on each panel, and you’re set to go. In no time, you’ll have a yard ready for working with your sheep or getting them ready for transport.

    Sheep Panel Types: We have sheep panels with square tubes and sheep panels with round tubes to match your needs.

    Square tubes sheep panelsRound Tubes Sheep Panels


    Material: Every panel is made from hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe, providing excellent durability and corrosion resistance which is essential for the longevity of the panels.

    Size (Height x Length): The panels are available in two standard sizes: one meter high by 2.9 meters long, and one meter high by 2.2 meters long. Custom size options are also available to fit specific requirements.

    Horizontal Pipe Types:

    There are three types of horizontal pipes to choose from:

    1. Square Pipe: Options include 40mm x 40mm x 1.6mm, and 50mm x 50mm available in either 1.6mm or 2.0mm thickness.
    2. Oval Pipe: Available in sizes 30mm x 60mm x 1.6mm, and 40mm x 80mm x 1.6mm.
    3. Round Pipe: Comes in diameters of 32mm or 25mm, both with a wall thickness of 1.6mm.

    Structural Style: A set includes one panel plus two pins, which facilitates easy assembly and provides a secure connection between panels.

    Bars/Rails: Panels are designed to be 1 meter high with 6 bars/rails or 0.9 meters high with 5 bars/rails, offering sturdy and visible containment for animals.

    Included Components with Each Panel:

    • 2pcs Foot Plates: These provide a stable base for the panel.
    • 180mm Drop Pins (tapered end): Used to securely join the panels together quickly and efficiently.
    • Square Post Caps: These caps are designed to fit the top of the posts to prevent water ingress and to give a neat finish.
    • FMS L Cleats: These are used with slotted holes measuring 20mm x 30mm, providing adjustable attachment points for the panels.
    • FMS C Cleats: Similar to the L cleats, these also use slotted holes measuring 20mm x 30mm to secure the panels.


    Advantages of Sheep Panels for Sale:

    1. Fast Delivery: We ensure quick processing of your order so it arrives on time.
    2. Own Factory: Our products come straight from our factory.
    3. Always Available: You can reach us online 24/7.
    4. Experienced: We’ve been exporting for 11 years.
    5. Great Value: Our products are of high quality yet reasonably priced.
    6. Skilled Team: We boast an independent team dedicated to production.

    Easy Handling Sheep Panel Goat Panel Process:

    1. Precision Cutting: Our machine-cut tubes have accurate length and angles with smooth cross-sections.
    2. Smooth Welding: We weld neatly and polish the spots for a smooth finish.
    3. Durable Paint: Our silver spray paint sticks better and offers excellent rust protection.

    Order Process for Sheep Panels for Sale:

    1. Discuss and confirm the product specs.
    2. Sign a contract.
    3. Pay a 50% deposit.
    4. We start making your panels.
    5. We pack and get ready to ship.
    6. You pay the balance.
    7. We send the Bill of Lading so you can receive your shipment.

    After Service:

    1. We’ll keep you updated on your order’s progress.
    2. We stick to the delivery schedule to ensure timely delivery.
    3. If you face any quality issues, we are here to help.
    4. We’re open to visits for direct communication every year.

    FAQs for Sheep Panels for Sale:

    Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company? A: We’re a manufacturer with over ten years of experience.

    Q2: What’s the minimum order? A: You can order just one set, though the price is a bit higher.

    Q3: Can you handle shipments during peak seasons? A: Yes, thanks to our strong shipping connections, we can prioritize our shipments.

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