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Temporary Construction Hoardings: Security and Privacy


Product Description:

BMP's temporary construction hoardings are an ideal solution for sites requiring heightened security levels or additional privacy. If you need to delineate different sections of your workspace or restrict public access into certain areas, our high-quality temporary hoarding fencing can meet these requirements. Not only are our hoarding fencing panels compliant with international safety standards, but they are also easy to install, transport, store, and reuse.

Specifications Temporary Construction Hoardings

Dimensions2000mm long x 2100mm high
Frame MaterialHigh strength galvanized steel
Surface MaterialPowder-coated corrugated steel
Warranty12-month warranty on workmanship
InstallationInstalled using standard fencing feet and clips
WeightLightweight for easy maneuverability
BracingRequired for every panel
Additional Safety ElementsSafety nets and catch platforms as per requirements
ComplianceBSEN 1263-1 and other relevant international safety standards
FeaturesPortable, easy to install, transport, store, and reuse

Reliable Design for Robustness and Security

We make our hoarding fence panels from corrugated steel that fits snugly inside a strong galvanized steel frame. We design and build these panels to meet the top safety standards. They work well with our own couplers, making sure your fence is sturdy and dependable.

To keep them stable in bad weather, our hoarding fence panels have special feet. We put your safety and the security of your setup first. So, we design our panels to stand up to different places and weather conditions.

Lightweight for Easy Handling and Installation Temporary Construction Hoardings

Our temporary hoarding panels are particularly lightweight, which facilitates easy transportation and installation. There is no requirement for specialist equipment for their installation—our standard clips and fencing feet are all that's needed.

By combining a standard temporary fencing frame and a corrugated steel infill, we've crafted an extremely efficient temporary hoarding panel. Paired with our standard fencing couplers and secured using our exclusive Polybloc fencing feet, we provide the most practical, cost-effective, and robust temporary hoarding system available—all while maintaining full compliance with international safety standards.

Product Specifications and Compliance

Our Temporary Construction Hoardings measures 2000mm long x 2100mm high, providing ample coverage for your site. Our panels feature a high-strength galvanized frame and a powder-coated corrugated steel surface. All our products come with a 12-month warranty on workmanship and comply with internationally recognized standards for safety and quality.

Despite their robustness, our panels remain lightweight and maneuverable. They require bracing with every panel and can be installed using standard fencing feet and clips with ease.

Additional Safety Measures Temporary Construction Hoardings

In instances where standard hoarding structures are not enough to meet safety requirements, especially for structures higher than 3m, we recommend additional elements such as safety nets and catch platforms. These features, compliant with international safety standards like BSEN 1263-1, act as protective barriers against dust particles and falling debris from the construction site.

Safety nets, attached to sufficient anchorages or supports outside and beyond the area of possible fall, envelope the scaffold in areas where construction activities could pose hazards to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

You can build catch platforms along outside walls to stop anything from falling and hurting people below. You can use materials other than wood, as long as they are just as strong and keep falling objects secure.

At BMP, your site's safety and security are our top priority. Rely on us for your temporary construction hoarding needs and benefit from the quality, durability, and peace of mind that our compliant and superior products deliver.





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