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Temporary Hoarding Panels: Solution for Construction Sites


Product Description:

BMP presents temporary hoarding fence panels designed to fortify various types of construction sites. These panels are not only lightweight for convenient transportation and installation but are also impressively stable, able to withstand robust winds. Reusability is another major benefit, contributing to sustainable site management. Our hoarding fence panels are designed in strict compliance with the Australian Standard AS 4687-2007.



Wide Range of Panel Sizes for Customized Needs

Customizable to meet diverse requirements, our hoarding panels come in a variety of sizes, including but not limited to 2500 x 1800mm, 2000 x 2100 mm, 2400 x 2100 mm, 2000 x 2500mm, and 2300mm x 2100mm panels with 1800mm corflute sheets (5mm). BMP also accommodates requests for personalized size specifications.

Outstanding Specifications of Temporary Hoarding Panels

BMP ensures quality and durability with our material selection. The hoarding panels are composed of a pre-galvanized steel frame and a colored hoarding plate. We offer a range of wall thickness from 0.4–0.65 mm and various U-profiles (50-30-50mm, 50-40-50mm, 60-40-60mm). Frame pipes come in an assortment of diameters, and we provide the option of rubber or steel base feet. Our panels are available in white, blue, and red, promising aesthetic versatility along with strength.


MaterialPre-galvanized steel frame and color hoarding plate
Wall Thickness0.4–0.65 mm
Dimensions (L x H)2500 x 1800mm, 2000 × 2100mm, 2400 × 2100mm, 2000 x 2500mm, 2300m x 2100m , 1800X2240mm, 2000X2160mm, (Custom sizes available)
U-Profile50-30-50mm, 50-40-50mm, 60-40-60mm
Frame PipeO.D. 32/38/40/42/48 mm
Base FeetOptions of Rubber or steel base feet
ColorAvailable in White, Blue, Red

These specifications showcase our dedication to offering a wide variety of robust and versatile Temporary Hoarding Panels that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your construction or commercial site.

Our Manufacturing Process and Panel Details

BMP adopts a comprehensive process to produce high-quality temporary hoarding panels. This process includes flat processing and corrugated processing of the panels, followed by meticulous welding and riveting with bolts for additional robustness. Our rigorous quality control measures ensure each panel is ready for installation and long-term use.

Range of Options: Pedestrian Hoarding Gates and Double Swing Gates

In addition to our primary hoarding panels, we offer pedestrian hoarding gates and double swing gates. These versatile additions enhance the functionality and security of your temporary hoarding setup.

The Value of Temporary Hoarding Panels Bracing

Bracing is an essential aspect of our temporary hoarding panels. The bracing ensures stability and adds to the overall resilience of the fencing, thereby enhancing safety on your site.

Temporary Hoarding Panels: Diverse Applications

Our panels are suitable for construction sites, industrial zones, residential housing sites, commercial premises, and environmental protection areas. They offer a secure and private boundary that enhances operational efficiency and safety across various applications.

Unmatched Features of Temporary Hoarding Panels

BMP's hoarding panels are designed for easy assembly and disassembly, providing an ideal solution for uneven grounds. They offer excellent privacy and safety without causing any damage to the ground. With their unique ripple design and various base feet, our panels provide unparalleled stability.

Our  hoarding fencing panels are designed to keep trespassers at bay and prevent criminals from assessing a site, ensuring your site remains out of sight and out of mind. Lightweight and easy to install, these panels provide privacy and security in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, they are free-standing, ensuring no damage to the site, and compatible with all temporary fencing products.

Making temporary hoarding panels is a straightforward process that can help you create a private and secure space quickly. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Gather Materials: You’ll need some sheets of plywood or corrugated metal, sturdy wooden posts or metal frames, screws, and a screwdriver or drill.

2. Measure the Area: Decide how big you want your hoarding to be. Measure the space and cut your materials to fit.

3. Set Up the Posts: If you’re using wooden posts, dig holes and set them in concrete for stability. With metal frames, you can use bases that keep them upright without digging.

4. Attach the Panels: Screw the plywood or metal sheets to the posts or frames. Make sure everything is secure.

5. Check for Gaps: Look for any spaces where people might see through and cover them up for full privacy.

6. Add Extras: If you want your hoarding to be more useful, you can add features like doors for access or signs for information.

The Utility and Benefits of Temporary Site Hoardings

Widely used within the construction industry, these robust panels are quick and easy to install, providing the same benefits of modular temporary fencing with added security and privacy of a solid hoarding system. We ensure all product information on our website is correct and up-to-date. However, on occasion, we may supply a similar product by another manufacturer to meet your specific needs.

Trust BMP for all your temporary hoarding needs. Our panels come in a standard size of 2m², but we are flexible in meeting specific requests. Together, let's ensure maximum privacy, safety, and durability on your site.





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