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    BMP’s Tubular Steel Fence Panels are the answer. In this article, we will delve into the features and advantages of BMP’s fencing, emphasizing its durability, style, and versatile applications.







    Surface Treatment

    We use pre-galvanized steel tubes as the base material.

    Next, we treat the tubes with a zinc-rich phosphating process. This creates a corrosion-resistant layer and helps other coatings stick better.

    Then, we apply a primer layer of zinc-rich epoxy. This adds more corrosion resistance.

    Finally, we apply a polyester powder coating. This gives the steel its color and protects it from UV rays and weather. It ensures long-term durability and color retention.

    This multi-layered process ensures our steel fence panels resist corrosion well. They are perfect for outdoor use and come with a 20-year warranty.

    Unmatched Durability

    BMP’s Tubular Steel Fence Panels last a long time. We use high-quality materials to make sure they are strong. With thicker top and bottom rails (40x40x1.6mm) and verticals (25x25x1.2mm), these panels are built to handle various weather conditions.

    Galvanized Excellence

    BMP’s fencing stays durable because we only use galvanized materials. Galvanization coats the steel with zinc, protecting it from rust and corrosion. This process makes the fence last longer, offering a great investment for your property.

    Phosphate Treatment for Optimal Powder Coating

    BMP’s Tubular Steel Fence Panels go the extra mile with a phosphate treatment before powder coating. This unique process ensures a high-quality finish that maintains its appearance and durability for many years. Compared to competitors, BMP’s fencing boasts this premium feature, making it an ideal choice for those seeking longevity and minimal maintenance.

    Versatile Applications Tubular Steel Fence Panels

    BMP’s Tubular  Fence Panels are incredibly versatile, finding applications in various settings, including:

    1. Villas
    2. Communities
    3. Gardens
    4. Schools
    5. Factories
    6. Flower beds
    7. Lawns
    8. Industrial and mining enterprises
    9. Financial institutions
    10. Sports stadiums
    11. Convention centers
    12. Squares
    13. Roads
    14. Balconies
    15. Residential areas

    The modern design of these panels adds a touch of elegance to any environment, making them an excellent choice for both security and aesthetics.

    Effortless Installation and Maintenance

    BMP’s Tubular Steel Fence Panels are designed for straightforward installation and minimal maintenance. Their simple assembly saves you time and effort, while their low-maintenance requirements ensure that your property remains secure and stylish without constant upkeep.





    Common Specifications Tubular Steel Fence Panels

    To cater to various preferences, BMP offers a range of common specifications for its tubular steel fence panels, including:

    • Rail dimensions: 32x32x1.2mm, 40x40x1.2mm, 45x45x1.2mm, 32x32x1.0mm, 40x40x1.0mm, 45x45x1.0mm
    • Picket dimensions: 16x16x1.0mm, 19x19x1.0mm, 25x25x1.0mm, 16x16x0.8mm, 19x19x0.8mm, 25x25x0.8mm
    • Center spacing: 116mm, 124mm, 130mm
    • Post dimensions: 50x50x1.5mm, 60x60x2.0mm, 75x75x2.0mm
    Top Rail Dimensions40x40x1.6mm (Thicker Material)
    Bottom Rail Dimensions40x40x1.6mm (Thicker Material)
    Vertical Dimensions25x25x1.2mm (Thicker Material)
    Gap Between Verticals110mm
    Post Dimensions60x60x2.0mm (3m Long)
    Panel MaterialGalvanized Steel
    Powder Coating ProcessPhosphate Treated

    Choose the specifications that best suit your requirements to create the perfect fencing solution for your property.


    steel fence panels and posts wrapped and secured on wooden pallets for shipping. The items are tightly wrapped in black plastic to protect them during transport, and labels indicating the contents are visible on the wrapping. The packaging method involves stacking the panels and posts horizontally on the pallets, ensuring stability and ease of handling by forklifts. This technique maximizes space efficiency within the shipping container and minimizes movement, reducing the risk of damage.


    In conclusion Tubular Steel Fence Panels

    BMP’s Tubular Steel Fence Panels offer a winning combination of durability, style, and security. With galvanized materials, phosphate treatment, and unique specifications, they stand as a top choice for residential and commercial properties. Invest in BMP’s fencing to enjoy a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution that adds elegance and security to your surroundings.

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