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    Welded Mesh Dog Kennel
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    BMP Welded Wire Mesh Dog Kennels are an excellent choice for providing secure and roomy accommodations for your beloved pets. These kennels are designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind, offering several benefits and versatile applications:



    Item No.Size (LxWxH)Wire DiameterMesh SizeWeight
    BMP11220 x 1220 x 1830mm3mm50x100mm35kg
    BMP21830 x 1220 x 1830mm3mm50x100mm38kg
    BMP31520 x 1520 x 1830mm3mm50x100mm42kg
    BMP42400 x 1220 x 1830mm3mm50x100mm49kg
    BMP53000 x 1830 x 1830mm3mm50x100mm58kg

    Benefits of BMP Welded Wire Mesh Dog Kennels:

    1. Quick Setup: Setting up your dog kennel takes less than 30 minutes, ensuring a hassle-free experience for pet owners.
    2. Permanent Containment: These kennels provide a permanent and secure containment solution for your pet, offering peace of mind when you’re away.
    3. Ideal for Larger Breeds: Especially fitted for larger dog breeds, these kennels offer ample space for them to move around comfortably.
    4. Open Sky Access: Pets enjoy full access to the open sky while staying safely enclosed within the kennel. This promotes a sense of freedom.
    5. Sturdy Construction: Screws attach all components, ensuring durability and stability. The kennels are easy to assemble and portable, allowing effortless repositioning.


    Applications of BMP Welded Wire Mesh Dog Kennels:

    1. Home Use: These kennels are perfect for pet owners who want a secure outdoor space for their dogs to enjoy fresh air and exercise without the risk of running off.
    2. Breeding and Training: Breeders and trainers can use these kennels to provide safe and spacious environments for their dogs. They are especially suited for larger breeds and puppies.
    3. Boarding Facilities: Pet boarding facilities can benefit from BMP’s welded wire mesh dog kennels to offer a comfortable and secure stay for their clients’ dogs.
    4. Pet Resorts and Parks: Resorts and parks catering to pets can use these kennels to create dedicated areas where dogs can play, socialize, and rest comfortably.
    5. Temporary Confinement: These kennels are also suitable for temporary confinement needs, such as during home renovations or construction projects.

    In conclusion, BMP Welded Wire Mesh Dog Kennels are a reliable solution for ensuring your pet’s safety and comfort. With quick setup, durable construction, and suitability for larger breeds, these kennels cater to various applications, from home use to commercial settings. Provide your pet with a secure and spacious outdoor space by choosing BMP’s  dog kennels.



    In conclusion, Welded Wire Mesh Dog Kennels provide a secure, durable, and comfortable environment for your pets. Their strong construction, combined with easy assembly and portability, makes them an ideal choice for pet owners seeking a reliable and versatile outdoor enclosure. Whether for home use or professional settings, these kennels ensure your pets enjoy safety and freedom.

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