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  • ClearVu Fencing: A Trendy and Effective Solution for Security

    Clearvu Fencing, Clearview Fence, Clear View Fencing
    • Specifications
    Clearvu fencing, with its mesh size of 76.2 x 12.7mm (center to center), has horizontal wire spacing of 12.7mm and vertical wire spacing of 76.2mm. It enjoys great popularity in both the US and South African markets. Manufacturers use low carbon steel wire Q195 and a welded mesh technique to produce this fencing. The minimum order quantity is 100 kits. Clearvu fencing offers excellent anti-corrosion properties, longevity, aesthetic appeal, and an easy installation process. People commonly use it in gardens, roads, playgrounds, parks, and other public areas. For packaging, workers wrap the fencing in plastic film, place it on pallets, and then secure it in a wooden box to ensure protection during transport.

    Benefits and Applications of Clearvu Fencing

    Clearvu fencing has gained popularity in various markets, including the US and South Africa, due to its exceptional qualities and versatility. This article will explore the benefits and applications of Clearvu fencing, highlighting why it is an ideal choice for various settings.

    Benefits of Clearvu Fencing:

    1. Anti-Corrosion Performance: Clearvu fencing boasts excellent anti-corrosion properties. The use of low carbon steel wire Q195 and advanced surface treatments like electric galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, and PVC coating ensure the fence remains rust-free and maintains its integrity over time.
    2. Durability and Longevity: Clearfence is built to last. The welded mesh construction provides high strength, making it resistant to damage from impacts and harsh weather conditions. This durability translates to lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan compared to other fencing options.
    3. Attractive Appearance: With its sleek design and clean lines, Clearvu fencing enhances the aesthetic appeal of any property. It blends seamlessly with various landscapes, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to gardens, parks, and other outdoor areas.
    4. Easy Installation: Clear view fence  is designed for quick and straightforward installation. Its modular design allows for easy assembly, reducing labor costs and installation time. This makes it a cost-effective solution for both large and small projects.
    5. Enhanced Security: The closely spaced mesh pattern of Clearvu fencing makes it difficult for intruders to climb or cut through. This provides a high level of security for properties, making it an excellent choice for areas that require heightened protection.

    Applications of Clearvu Fencing:

    1. Gardens: Clearvu fencing is perfect for garden use. It protects plants from animals and unwanted intrusions while maintaining an unobtrusive appearance. The fence’s elegant design adds to the beauty of garden landscapes.
    2. Roads: Installing clearview fence along roads enhances safety by clearly defining boundaries and preventing unauthorized access. Its robust construction withstands exposure to traffic and environmental factors, ensuring long-term performance.
    3. Playgrounds: clearview fencing secures playgrounds, creating a safe environment for children to play. Its strength and durability prevent accidents and ensure the safety of children, while its attractive design adds to the overall appeal of the playground.
    4. Parks: In parks, Clearvu fencing provides security and helps manage foot traffic. It delineates specific areas, such as picnic spots and walking paths, ensuring organized use of park space. Its aesthetic appeal complements the natural beauty of park settings.






    Specifications of clearvu fencing

    Fence HeightPanel Height (mm)Panel Width (mm)Mesh Aperture (mm)Wire Diameter (mm)Post Size (mm)Panel Length (m)No. of Fixings

    Surface Treatment: Hot dipped galvanized, galvanized + powder coated, galvanized + PVC coating.
    Color Options: RAL 6005 green, RAL 7016 grey, customizable to any RAL color.
    Customization: Specifications can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

    Post Specifications for Clearvu Fencing

    Post TypeDimensions (mm)Material Options
    Square Post (SHS)60x60x2.0, 60x60x2.5, 60x60x3.0, 80x80x2.0, 80x80x2.5, 80x80x3.0Hot dipped galvanized, Galvanized + powder coated, Galvanized + PVC coating
    Rectangular Post (RHS)40x60x2.0, 40x60x2.5, 40x60x3.0, 40x80x2.0, 40x80x2.5, 40x80x3.0, 60x80x2.0, 60x80x2.5, 60x80x3.0, 80x100x2.0, 80x100x2.5, 80x100x3.0Hot dipped galvanized, Galvanized + powder coated, Galvanized + PVC coating

    Features clearvu fencing

    • 1. Anti-climbing – Due to the high-density mesh of the clearvu fencing, it is impossible to grasp the hands and feet, which plays excellent protection against climbing.
    • 2. clearvu fencing Anti-shear – the wire diameter is large, and the mesh is dense, making the wire cut useless.
    • 3. Beautiful appearance – the mesh fencing surface is flat, and the perspective is higher.

    clearvu fencing Panel Packing:

    1. Plastic film at the bottom to avoid the panel being destroyed.
    2. 4 metal corners to ensure the panel is solid and uniform.
    3. wood plate at the top of the pallet.
    4. clear view fence pallet tube size:40*80mm tubes at the bottom vertical position.

    Clearvu Fencing Post Packing:

    1. Plastic cap cover onto the post.
    2. Plastic film + metal pallet for fence post.
    Accessories Packing:
    1. Stainless steel nuts and screws installed with clips.
    2. 5 sets of clips load into one plastic bag.
    3. 12 bags into one carton box.


    What is your payment term? A: Payment: T/T 30% as deposit, the balance against the copy of B/L. Or 100% L/C at sight Or 30%deposit,70% L/C at sight
    What is your delivery time? A: Delivery:15 – 20 days after we receive the deposit.
    What can you do if the quality fencing does not meet my request? A: Refund all your money and compensate for your additional loss.
    Can you design and make customers’ requests? A: Yes, we will do clearvu fencing per the detailed specifications, and professional recommendations will be offered to customers.

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