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    Garrison Fence, Steel Fence
    • Specifications

    Garrison fencing Alamosa co is also widely known as steel tubular fencing and spear top steel fencing. The heavy-duty metal tubular fence makes intrusion extremely difficult. Finished with an aggressive pointed top, the fence is dangerous to climb. If entry is made, then exit is just as hard and often ends in arrest for the intruder. Available as standard 1800mm and 2100mm high, the fencing can be supplied as 1800mm or 2400mm and made to measure between pillars on front alignments.

    Garrison fencing Alamosa co is available 2,3 4 rails depending on customer requirements. And the technology is available for punched rails and full weld rails with suitable pails. Gates also match and use heavy-duty hinges, providing years of trouble-free service. Lasting far longer than wire fencing solves the ongoing capital expenses of wire fence maintenance and replacement. Powdercoated to suit your landscape and building, this fence is the premium boundary solution for industrial and commercial properties.


    • Material: pre-galvanized steel tube, zinc coated 80-100g/ m2
    • Finishing: black satin powder-coated finish.
    • Specifications of Garrison Security Fencing;

    Garrison Security Fencing

    1. Dimension2400x1800mm2400x2100mm
    2. Verticals25x25x1.2mm25x25x1.6mm25x25x1.2mm25x25x1.6mm
    3. Rails40x40x1.6mm40x40x2.0mm40x40x1.6mm40x40x2.5mm
    4. garrison fencing Alamosa co Vertical spacing125 or 140mm centre125 or 140mm centre
    5. Fencing post65x65x2.0mm @ 2700mm65x65x2.5mm @ 3000mm

    Product Specification

    12000 x 120040 x 40 x 1.6mm

    38 x 38 x 1.6mm

    38 x 25 x 1.6mm

    25 x 25 x 1.2mm

    garrison fencing Alamosa co picket size

    25 x 25 x 1.2mm

    19 x 19 x 1.2mm

    16 x 16 x 1.2mm

    Ø19 x 1.2mm (Round tube)

    Ø16 x 1.2mm (Round tube)

    22000 x 1500
    32000 x 1800
    42400 x 1200
    52400 x 1500
    6-garrison fencing alamosa co2400 x 1800
    72400 x 2400
    81800 x 1200
    91800 x 1500
    101800 x 1500
    111500 x 1200
    The size and style also can produce by customer requirements

    Other specifications are also available as promised.

    Applications of garrison fencing Alamosa co :

    Widely used in villas, communities, gardens, schools, factories and other flower beds, lawns, industrial and mining enterprises, financial institutions, sports stadiums, convention centres, squares, roads, balconies, residential use, its flowing lines, simple and beautiful and full of rich modern residential sensual, garden Light, villas era of high-grade. Simple installation, garrison fencing Alamosa co is easy maintenance, easy to clean, affordable, eliminating maintenance.

    • School fencing
    • Railway fencing
    • Factory fencing
    • Car park fencing
    • ……


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