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Revolutionize Pipe Bending with BMP's CNC Pipe Bending Machine

In the realm of pipe processing, the quest for efficiency and precision is critical. BMP's CNC Pipe Bending Machine steps in as a transformative solution, embodying cutting-edge technology to fulfill the most stringent bending demands.

CNC Pipe Bending Machine Key Features:

  • Fully Automatic Operations: BMP's machine shines with its fully automated CNC control system, adeptly managing bending, rotating, and feeding of the pipe with flawless integration.

  • Multi-Language Touch Screen Panel: The machine features a user-friendly interface with multi-language support, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for operators worldwide.

  • Advanced Control: Outfitted with a portable pedal switch for both starting operations and emergency stops, the machine offers multiple operational modes including manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic, catering to various user needs.

  • Precision and Speed: Equipped with servo motors, the machine guarantees exact control over feeding, rotating, and bending processes.

  • Hydraulic Movements: The machine ensures high-efficiency and precision with fully hydraulic clamping on both the clamp die and the pressure die.

CNC Pipe Bending Machine Technical Specifications:

  • Axes Control: Incorporating Y Axes for feeding the tube, B Axes for rotating it, and C Axes for bending, along with additional axes for comprehensive control.

  • Versatile Pipe Handling: Capable of working with a diverse range of pipe materials like steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and brass, and adept at managing various pipe shapes.

  • Cooling Systems: Equipped with both air and water cooling systems to maintain stable operation even under high-temperature conditions.

  • Quality Components: The CNC Pipe Bending Machine utilizes top-tier components from globally recognized brands, ensuring both reliability and longevity.

  • Safety and Compliance: Incorporating design features like Europe-design side cover and a CE standard safety mat to ensure operational safety and adherence to international standards.

ModelBending Capacity (Carbon steel)Range of Bending RadiusMax. Bending DegreeMandrel Length (Customized)Touch ScreenBending AccuracyRotating AccuracyFeeding Accuracy
M18CNCØ18x2mm5-80mm190°1500mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M25CNCØ25x1.6mm5-100mm190°2200mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M38CNCØ38x2mm15-190mm190°2500mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M50CNCØ50x3mm15-260mm190°2800mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M63CNCØ63x3mm15-270mm190°3000mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M75CNCØ75x4mm30-300mm190°3200mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M89CNCØ89x6mm30-350mm190°3200mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M115CNCØ100x8mm40-400mm190°3500mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M120CNCØ120x10mm50-450mm190°3800mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M130CNCØ130x12mm50-500mm190°4300mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M168CNCØ168x14mm50-550mm190°5000mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M189CNCØ189x14mm80-650mm190°6000mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm
M219CNCØ219x16mm80-700mm190°6000mm or more10 inch/15inch±0.1°±0.1°±0.1mm

Applications and Benefits:

BMP's CNC Pipe Bending Machine is more than just equipment; it's a comprehensive solution. Perfect for sectors that require precise and consistent bending like automotive, aerospace, plumbing, and construction. Its ability to handle an array of pipe sizes and materials with precision makes it an invaluable asset.

The benefits are evident: enhanced productivity, reduced labor costs, and the capability to produce intricate bends with utmost precision. This machine stands as a symbol of BMP's dedication to excellence and innovation in the pipe processing industry.


Investing in BMP's CNC Pipe Bending Machine means committing to both efficiency and quality. With its advanced features and dependable performance, it is an essential instrument for businesses aiming to boost their pipe processing capabilities to a higher echelon.

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