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Stainless Steel Green Facade Factory: top 5 factory and more

June 21, 2024

​BMP is a stainless steel green facade factory, our Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Green wall is becoming more and more popular in modern buildings, and it has become a new method for greening in recent years. So what is stainless steel rope mesh green wall? Stainless steel rope mesh green wall is that people use stainless steel rope mesh to plant the green plants on the wall or in large buildings. Stainless steel rope mesh green wall provides an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for building design and construction professionals. Architects can come true with various innovations in the construction of buildings with the help of stainless steel rope mesh.

Top 5 Stainless Steel Green Facade Factories in China

As urban architecture evolves, green facades have become crucial for sustainable building designs. China leads in producing high-quality stainless steel for these structures. Here’s a look at the top 5 factories in China that specialize in stainless steel for green facades, known for their innovative approaches and exceptional product quality.

1. Gepair Mesh

Gepair Mesh in Anping County is renowned for its advanced production facilities and comprehensive support services. They offer robust stainless steel products ideal for green facades, supported by 24/7 customer assistance.

2. BOSS Metal and Plastic Co. Ltd

BOSS Metal and Plastic Co. Ltd stands out for its high-end stainless steel green facade solutions. Located in the industrious Hebei region, they employ advanced manufacturing techniques to produce durable and aesthetically pleasing stainless steel components.

3. Boegger Industech Limited

Located in the East Industrial Zone of Anping, Boegger specializes in versatile stainless steel mesh suitable for various applications including green facades. They commit to innovation and quality in all their products.

4. Anping Yuntong Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd

Yuntong Metal Wire Mesh stands out for its dedicated production of stainless steel products tailored for green facades. Led by experienced management, they maintain a strong presence in the industry.

5. Hightop Metal Mesh

Hightop Metal Mesh excels at producing top-grade stainless steel meshes, crucial for modern green facades. Their cutting-edge manufacturing facilities ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of their products.

These factories represent the best in stainless steel green facade production in China, blending sustainability with architectural aesthetics. Their commitment to quality and innovation makes them leaders in this essential industry segment.


  • suitable for all environments, even the harshest environment, like heavy snow, rain and gale.
  • improves buildings’ thermal performance because it can help regulate the building temperature.
  • effectively protect the building wall from graffiti.
  • Stainless steel rope mesh green wall can absorb the smoke dust near the building; namely, it can freshen the air near the building.
  • The stainless steel rope mesh is very flexible, and it can be installed on any structure.
  • Plants and stainless steel rope mesh make a whole that is beautiful and practical.
  • Stainless steel rope mesh is resistant to rust even though it suffers from sunlight, rain and fog.
  • Stainless steel rope mesh has long work life, and it can be used repeatedly.

Specification stainless steel green facade factory Recommended

The specification of stainless steel rope mesh green wall

CodeRope constructionRope diameterAperture
SSGW-017 × 73/641.21 × 125 × 25
SSGW-027 × 71/161.61.5 × 1.538 × 38
SSGW-037 × 75/642.02 × 251 × 51
SSGW-047 × 73/322.40.8 × 0.820 × 20
SSGW-057 × 71/83.23 × 376 × 76
SSGW-067 × 191/83.22.4 × 2.460 × 60
SSGW-077 × 191/161.62 × 251 × 51
SSGW-087 × 193/641.21 × 125 × 25
As a stainless steel green facade factory, we warmly give you some ideas There are high-quality stainless steel green wall mesh, inox wire cable net, and stainless steel handrail inox mesh.The mesh is usually in 1.5mm or 2.0mm wire diameter, 80*80mm or 100*100mm opening size for Green Wall usage. Choose the mesh edge treatment, mesh height, width, and orientation according to your installation area. Contact us to get your special quotation list.

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