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    The 1200mmx2450mm Crimped Spear Top Fence: Your Stylish Shield

    When it’s time to fence in what’s important to you, our 1200mmx2450mm Crimped Spear Top Fence stands ready to serve. With its neatly crimped spears and solid frame, this fence is more than a mere boundary; it’s a statement of style and a fortress of security.

    Specifications 1200mmx2450mm Crimped Spear Top Fence

    Specification CategorySpecification Detail
    Product Name1200mmx2450mm Crimped Spear Top Fence
    Overall DimensionsHeight: 1200mm; Width: 2450mm
    MaterialPre-Galvanized Steel Tube
    Rail Size40mm x 40mm
    Vertical Picket Size19mm x 19mm
    Picket StyleCrimped Spear Top
    Picket ThicknessLikely 1.0mm to 1.6mm (not specified in image)
    Rail ThicknessLikely 1.2mm or greater (not specified in image)
    Picket SpacingCenter to Center: 125mm
    FinishPowder Coated
    ColorLikely Black (as is common for this fence type)
    Post SizeLikely 65mm x 65mm x 3000mm (not specified in image)
    Surface TreatmentPhosphate Treated and Powder Coated
    PackagingLikely Palletized for transport

    Fencing That Fits Everywhere 1200mmx2450mm Crimped Spear Top Fence

    • Homes and Gardens: It’s perfect for keeping your home garden both safe and stylish.
    • Schools: This fence keeps schools secure without looking too harsh or unwelcoming.
    • Commercial Properties: Companies love it because it’s tough on security but easy on the eyes.
    • Public Parks: It’s strong enough to protect public spaces and pretty enough not to spoil the view.

    The 1200mmx2450mm crimped spear top fence offers unique applications due to its specific dimensions, especially when compared to taller options like the 1800mm and 2100mm crimped top fences. Here’s how the applications differ based on height:

    1200mmx2450mm Crimped Spear Top Fence:

    1. Residential Properties: Ideal for front gardens or areas where a balance between aesthetics and security is desired without creating an imposing barrier.
    2. Community Pools: Provides a safety boundary that meets legal height requirements while allowing for visibility and an open feel.
    3. Decorative Perimeters: Suitable for delineating spaces such as parks, lawns, or corporate grounds where the focus is on enhancing the landscape rather than high-level security.
    4. Pet Enclosures: Offers a secure way to keep pets within a designated area without obstructing views.
    5. Internal Partitions: Within larger estates or parks, it can serve to partition different zones or gardens in an attractive manner.

     1800mm Crimped Top Fence:

    1. Backyard Security: Higher fences like this are preferred for backyards where privacy and security are more critical.
    2. School Grounds: Can provide a more secure perimeter for playgrounds or sports fields, deterring potential intruders while keeping children safe.
    3. Commercial Properties: Businesses may use this height to secure their premises, especially in areas where a higher level of security is required without resorting to industrial-style fencing.
    4. Noise Reduction: The additional height can help mitigate street noise in urban or suburban environments.

    2100mm Crimped Top Fence:

    1. Industrial Security: Suitable for warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings where preventing unauthorized access is a priority.
    2. High-Risk Areas: For areas requiring stringent security measures, such as utility plants or research facilities.
    3. Privacy Concerns: In residential areas where homes are close together, taller fences can provide a greater sense of privacy from neighbors or passersby.
    4. Noise and Wind Barrier: The increased height offers better protection against wind and can serve as an effective noise barrier for properties near busy roads.

    In summary, the choice of fence height is influenced by the desired balance between security, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. The 1200mm height is generally more for aesthetic and low-level security purposes, the 1800mm offers a middle ground, while the 2100mm height caters to settings that require more stringent security and privacy measures.

    Why You’ll Love This Fence

    • Looks Sharp: Those crimped spears aren’t just for show—they make climbing a no-go, all while looking great.
    • Built to Last: We start with the best steel and add a powder coating that can take on rain, sun, and time without chipping or fading.
    • Custom Cool: You pick the color; we make it happen, so your 1200mmx2450mm Crimped Spear Top Fence feels like part of your place.
    • Easy Peasy: You won’t need a team of pros or a pile of tools to put this fence up.
    • Keep It Clean: A quick hose down now and then is all it needs to stay looking fresh.

    Making the Fence: Step by Step

    1. Picking the Best Steel: We choose top-notch steel that’s ready to resist rust.
    2. Cut and Shape: We cut the steel to length and shape those pickets into crimped spears that mean business.
    3. Joining Forces: We weld everything together tight and tidy so it stands strong.
    4. Color it Covered: A powder coat goes on next, giving the fence its final color and a tough outer layer.

    Packing Up Right

    • Panel Protection: Each panel gets wrapped up so it doesn’t get scratched on the journey.
    • Stacked and Packed: We put the panels on pallets, making them easy to move and keep safe.
    • All Together Now: We make sure you’ve got all the bits and pieces you need, all packed up and ready to go.

    Conclusion 1200mmx2450mm Crimped Spear Top Fence

    In short, the 1200mmx2450mm Crimped Spear Top Fence is not just any fence. It’s a blend of the best in security and good looks. For those who want their property safe and their fences sharp, this is the one for you. It’s a peace-of-mind provider that plays nice with your property’s style.

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