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Hoarding Fence: The Ultimate Solution for Security and Privacy


Product Description:

Offering superior security and privacy, the Hoarding Fence from BMP is a high-quality and efficient fencing solution. Our hoarding panels, crafted from robust steel, provide an unrivaled protective barrier. Easy to assemble and disassemble, our fencing system offers the perfect solution to unauthorized access prevention, perimeter fencing, and privacy needs.

Superior Materials for Maximum Durability

Our Hoarding Fence boasts a 0.4mm panel thickness (with alternative thicknesses available upon request), ensuring it stands up to harsh weather conditions and heavy-duty usage. The panels are finished with a high-quality galvanised coating. Customers can also opt for a powder-coated finish, available in an array of colors, catering to their specific aesthetic needs.

Sizes to Suit Your Needs

The standard size for our panels is 2m x 2.165m. However, we offer customization to ensure your fencing system fits your requirements perfectly. Whether it's for a construction site or an outdoor event, our panels can adapt to your specific needs.

Integrated Access Options

BMP offers an integrated system for your hoarding fence, with options for pedestrian and vehicle gates. This versatility allows for an efficient flow of traffic without compromising the overall security provided by the fence.

Wind Resistant and Robust

Our hoarding panels are designed to withstand tough weather conditions. We offer accessories to enhance the stability of the fence in windy situations, ensuring your hoarding fence stands firm and secure no matter the weather.

Privacy and Security

Unlike mesh temporary fences, our steel hoarding panels provide an effective barrier to both physical intruders and prying eyes. Your operations can continue uninterrupted and out of sight, adding an extra level of privacy to your secure area.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

Our hoarding panels are light in weight yet strong in construction. This makes them easy to transport and store, adding to the convenience factor. When you choose our hoarding fence, you opt for a hassle-free, efficient solution to your privacy and security needs.

Panel Specifications

Our hoarding fence panels stand at a height of 1980mm and a width of 2140mm, weighing in at 30kg. This optimal size makes them a versatile choice for a variety of uses.

Panel MaterialGalvanized steel (Powder coating available)
Panel Thickness0.4mm (Alternative thicknesses available)
Panel Size2m x 2.165m
Panel Weight30kg
Gates AvailablePedestrian and vehicle gates
Stability AccessoriesAvailable for windy site conditions
U-profile Sizes50-30-50mm, 50-40-50mm, 60-40-60mm
Frame Pipe Sizes32mm, 40mm, 48mm
Panel Thickness Options0.3mm - 0.65mm
Standard Panel Size1800x2240mm, 2000x2160mm
Available ColorsBlue, Red, Grey (Other colors available on request)

Popular Sizes and Customisation Options

We offer a range of popular sizes, including U-profiles in 50-30-50mm, 50-40-50mm, 60-40-60mm dimensions. Frame pipes come in sizes of 32mm, 40mm, 48mm, with panel thickness ranging from 0.3mm to 0.65mm. The panels come in a standard size of 1800x2240mm or 2000x2160mm but can be customised to suit your needs. The colours available include Blue, Red, and Grey, with additional colours available on request.

In conclusion, BMP provides comprehensive hoarding fence solutions that offer ultimate security, privacy, and convenience. Our innovative design ensures a durable and reliable fencing system that meets your specific requirements. Trust us for a cost-effective, efficient, and secure hoarding fence solution.





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