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  • Cyclone Fencing: A Cost-Effective and Versatile Option

    Chain Link Fencing
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    Cyclone Fencing, often known as chain link or hurricane fence, is a popular choice for many. It’s made from steel wire, either galvanized or coated with PVC, and features a diamond pattern. This fence is loved for its low cost and easy installation. Its open design lets sunlight through, making it a transparent fence option. For more privacy, you can add slats to the mesh.

    fence with barbed wire in front of great blue sky – concept for freedom, liberty or prison

    fence with barbed wire in front of great blue sky – concept for freedom, liberty or prison

    Cyclone Fencing Specifications:

    Galvanized Cyclone Wire Mesh Specifications

    Mesh Size (mm)Wire Diameter (mm)Width (m)Length (m)
    40 x 401.8 – 3.00.5 – 5.01 – 50
    50 x 501.8 – 3.50.5 – 5.01 – 50
    60 x 601.8 – 4.00.5 – 5.01 – 50
    80 x 802.5 – 4.00.5 – 5.01 – 50
    100 x 1002.5 – 4.00.5 – 5.01 – 50

    PVC Coated Cyclone Cyclone Fencing Specifications

    Mesh Size (mm)Wire Diameter (mm)Width (m)Length (m)
    40 x 402.8 – 3.80.5 – 5.01 – 50
    50 x 503.0 – 5.00.5 – 5.01 – 50
    60 x 603.0 – 5.00.5 – 5.01 – 50
    80 x 803.0 – 5.00.5 – 5.01 – 50
    100 x 1003.0 – 5.00.5 – 5.01 – 50

    Cyclone Fencing Manufacturing Process:

    1. Fence Panel: We start by drawing the wire, then straighten and cut it. After welding, we bend it for curves. The fence gets galvanized or PVC coated, then it’s packed and ready.
    2. Fence Post: We cut the raw material, drill holes, then galvanize or coat it. After sandblasting, it’s coated again and packed for shipping.

    How We Weave Cyclone Fencing :

    The diamond pattern is woven to make it strong, durable, and flexible. It’s a simple process but produces a beautiful and practical fence.

    Payment Terms:

    We ask for 30% deposit and the rest 70% before we ship your order.

    Characteristics of Cyclone Fencing :

    • Uniform mesh, smooth surface, and elegant look
    • Wide mesh and thick wire for strength
    • Resistant to rust and corrosion
    • Easy to weave, looks great


    Cyclone Fencing is perfect for many uses. It’s great for highways, railways, and other public areas also used inside for decoration, animal pens like for chickens, ducks, or rabbits, and even in zoos. It’s also useful for protecting things like seawalls, hills, highways, and bridges. It can be part of flood control projects too.


    • Versatile: Works for many different uses
    • Durable: Lasts a long time, even outdoors
    • See-through: Lets light in and doesn’t block views
    • Customizable: You can make it semi-opaque

    This Cyclone Fencing is a versatile, durable choice for many settings, combining practicality with an attractive appearance. Whether for a home, a farm, or public spaces, Cyclone Fencing is a reliable option.

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