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    Introducing BMP’s Spear Top Steel Picket Security Fence, a robust and elegant solution designed to protect and enhance your property.

    Top Steel Picket Security Fence Applications

    1. Home Security: Protect your home and loved ones with this sturdy fence.
    2. Garden Defense: Keep your garden safe from unwanted visitors and animals.
    3. School Safety: Ensure the security of school premises and children.
    4. Factory Security: Secure your factory and assets against trespassers.
    5. Pool Protection: Create a safe pool area for your family and guests.
    6. Residential Properties: Enhance the security of your residential property.
    7. Commercial Buildings: Safeguard your business and assets with style.
    8. Industrial Facilities: Protect industrial sites with a durable security fence.
    9. Property Enhancement: Improve the overall look and value of your property.
    10. Easy Installation: Install this Spear Top Steel Picket Security Fence without hassle, saving time and money.




    Packing Spear Top Steel Picket Security Fence

    When packing a spear top steel picket security fence for transportation, it’s important to follow these steps:

    1. Gather all the fence components, including pickets, rails, and posts.
    2. Lay a protective sheet on the bottom of the packing crate or pallet to prevent scratching.
    3. Place the longest elements, like rails and posts, on the bottom, stacking them evenly.
    4. Align the pickets on top of the rails, ensuring the spear tops are protected with caps or wrapped to prevent injury or damage.
    5. Use spacers between layers of pickets to avoid metal-on-metal contact, which could cause damage.
    6. Secure the layers with straps or wrapping to keep them in place during movement.
    7. Label the package clearly with handling instructions and destination details.

    Remember to handle all parts with care to maintain their protective coating and sharp design features. Proper packing reduces the risk of damage during transit, ensuring the Steel Picket Security Fence arrives in the best condition for installation.

    Powder coating is very important for the spear top steel picket security fence. It does several things:

    1. Protects the metal from rust and weather damage.
    2. Gives the fence a smooth, finished look.
    3. Makes the fence color stay bright and not fade for a long time.
    4. It’s better for the environment than liquid paint because it doesn’t have solvents that can pollute the air.
    5. The coating is tough and helps prevent scratches and chips.

    When a fence has a powder coating, it lasts longer and looks better. It’s a smart way to make sure the fence is strong and good-looking for many years.


    The Power of Four: Anti-Rust Protection

    Our Spear Top Steel Picket Security Fence comes with exceptional anti-rust properties. We employ a four-layer protection system to shield the fence from air contact, ensuring it remains corrosion-free for years to come.

    Safety First: Anti-Theft Design

    Your safety is our priority. BMP’s Spear Top Steel Picket Security Fence features an anti-theft design with stainless steel screws, providing peace of mind that your property remains secure.

    Strength You Can Trust

    Our Spear Top Fence doesn’t just look strong; it undergoes a rigorous Architectural Test to ensure it can withstand as much as 360lb of force. This high level of strength guarantees the quality and durability of our fencing systems.

    Affordable Excellence: DIY Design

    We believe in making security accessible. The DIY design of our fence makes installation a breeze, saving you both time and money on labor costs. It also simplifies transportation, ensuring convenience every step of the way.

    Service Beyond Expectations

    Before we pack your Spear Top Steel Picket Security Fence, we perform a 100% inspection to ensure it meets our high standards. Additionally, we offer the option for Third Party Testing, giving you added confidence in the reliability of our service.






    Technical Specifications

    Fence TypePicketsRailsPosts
    Residential Regular5/8”Sq. x 19ga.16 x 16 x 1.0mm2”Sq. x 16ga. (Up to 6′ tall)
    Commercial Regular3/4”Sq. x 18ga.1-1/2”Sq. x 16ga.2”Sq. x 16ga. (Up to 6′ tall)
    Industrial Regular1”Sq. x 16ga.1-3/4”Sq. x 14ga.3”Sq. x 12ga. (Up to 10′ tall)
    Commercial Plus3/4”Sq. x 16ga.1-1/2”Sq. x 14ga.2.5”Sq. x 12ga. (Up to 8′ tall)
    Industrial Plus1”Sq. x 14ga.1-3/4”Sq. x 14ga.3”Sq. x 12ga. (Up to 10′ tall)
    High-Security Plus (Curved)1”Sq. x 14ga.1-3/4”Sq. x 14ga.3”Sq. x 12ga. (Up to 10′ tall)

    Conclusion Spear Top Steel Picket Security Fence

    In conclusion, BMP’s Spear Top Steel Picket Security Fence is the epitome of security and elegance. Its robust construction and black powder-coated finish make it an ideal choice for enhancing the security and aesthetics of your property.Upgrade your property’s perimeter with BMP’s  Steel Picket Security Fence and experience the peace of mind that comes with a secure and stylish fencing solution. Contact BMP today to discover how this fence can elevate your property’s protection and appearance, all while staying within your budget.

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