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    Our chain link temporary fence for construction can secure any site perimeter with cost-effective active solutions for controlled security and keeping the general public at a safe distance while continuing any event build program in safety. Temporary Fence Panels in the United States standard available various dimensions to meet any level security required, a brace of chain link fence constructions fence available cross, vertical only as well horizontal only etc., Tubing welding with vertical temporary fence posting is entirely cut in an ARC shape so that horizontal pipe can correspond to each tubing perfectly, as a standard 6’x12′ and 8’x12′ good appealing with United States local market for more about 6’x12′ temporary fence, please find out more information from
    6H-8W-2.5inch-1-300x300-1 6H-8W-2.5inch-2-300x300-1 6H-8W-2.5inch-3-300x300-1 6H-8W-2.25inch-1-300x300-1 6H-10W-2.5inch-3-300x300-1 6H-10W-2.25inch-1-300x300-1 6H-10W-2.25inch-2-300x300-1 6H-10W-2.25inch-3-300x300-1

    Construction and Event Use

    Chain link temporary fence panels are versatile and essential for various settings. In construction sites, they secure the perimeter, keeping unauthorized personnel out and ensuring safety within the work area. These panels are also crucial during events and festivals, where they help control crowds, direct pedestrian traffic, and create designated zones for different activities.

    Emergency and Industrial Applications chain link temporary fence

    During emergency and disaster relief efforts, chain link temporary fence panels provide quick and effective barriers, establishing safe zones and restricting access to hazardous areas. Industrial sites benefit from these panels by protecting valuable equipment and materials, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and preventing theft or vandalism.

    Residential and Public Works

    For residential uses, temporary fencing is ideal during home renovations to secure the area or to contain pets within a specified space. Public works and road projects utilize these panels to prevent public access to dangerous work zones, directing traffic and pedestrians safely around construction sites. Schools and playgrounds use temporary fencing to secure areas during maintenance or events, ensuring the safety of children and staff by controlling access to specific parts of the property.

    Ease of Installation and Cost-Effectiveness

    The benefits of chain link temporary fence panels are numerous. They are easy to install and remove, saving time and labor costs as they do not require permanent foundations or site alterations. Cost-effective and reusable, these panels are an affordable solution for temporary needs across various projects and events.

    Durability and Versatility

    Made from galvanized steel, chain link temporary fence panels are durable and strong, resistant to rust and corrosion, and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and physical impacts. Their versatility allows them to be used in a wide range of applications, and they are available in various sizes and configurations to meet different requirements.

    Security and Customization

    Providing security and safety, these panels deter unauthorized access and vandalism while protecting workers, visitors, and the public from potential hazards. The mesh design offers visibility, allowing clear sight lines for monitoring and supervision, and facilitating airflow without obstructing the view. Customizable in height, color, and additional features, chain link temporary fence panels can be tailored to specific needs, including options for added security like barbed wire or privacy screens.

    Compliance and Reliability

    Finally, these panels comply with safety and regulatory standards for temporary fencing, ensuring adherence to local building and safety codes, making them a reliable and compliant choice for any temporary fencing requirement.

     chain link temporary fence specifications:

    Tubing1¼”(32mm), 1⅜”(35mm), 1½”(38mm), 1⅗”(40mm), 1⅝”(42mm), 1⅞”(48mm) and so on
    Thickness of Tubing14ga/2.00mm, 14.5ga/1.90mm, 15ga/1.80mm, 15.5ga/1.70mm, 16ga/1.6mm, 16.5ga/1.50mm, 17ga/1.42mm, 18ga/1.22mm
    Chain mesh aperture2″x2″/(50mm x 50mm), 2¼”x2¼”(57mmx57mm), 2⅜”x2⅜”(60mmx60mm), 2½”x2½”(63mmx63mm)
    Height4ft/1220mm, 6ft/1820mm, 8ft/2420mm
    Width12ft/3650mm, also 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 14ft
    Panels Size6ft x 12ft, 8ft x 12ft, 4ft x 12ft and so on
    Diameter/Gauge10ga/3.2mm, 10.5ga/3.00mm, 11ga/2.90mm, 11.5ga/2.75mm, 12ga/2.60mm, 12.5ga/2.5mm, 13ga/2.3mm
    Base Optional 136″ length x 30″ width x 8″ Height / 914mm x 762mm x 203mm
    Base Optional 236″ length x 16″ width x 8″ Height / 914mm x 406mm x 203mm
    Base Optional 330″ length x 18″ width x 8″ Height / 762mm x 460mm x 203mm
    StandardASTM A392-06
    SteelGalvanized Steel Construction
    FinishCorrosion-Resistant Zinc Coating
    Transport PackingMetal pallet Wrapped with Plastic
    HDG zinc thickness14 microns 100gram/SQM, 28 microns 200gram/SQM, 42 microns 300gram/SQM, 84 microns 600gram/SQM


    Chain Link Temporary Fence Complied Standards

    Chain link temporary fences comply with the following ASTM standards:

    • ASTM A392-06: Standard Specification for Zinc-Coated Steel Chain-Link Fence Fabric
    • ASTM F567: Standard Practice for Installation of Chain-Link Fence
    • ASTM A491: Standard Specification for Aluminum-Coated Steel Chain-Link Fence Fabric
    • ASTM F668: Standard Specification for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Other Organic Polymer-Coated Steel Chain-Link Fence Fabric
    • ASTM F626: Standard Specification for Fence Fittings
    • ASTM A780: Standard Practice for Repair of Damaged and Uncoated Areas of Hot-Dip Galvanized Coatings
    • ASTM A817: Standard Specification for Metallic-Coated Steel Wire for Chain-Link Fence Fabric and Marcelled Tension Wire

    Packing of Chain Link Temporary Fence

    1. Metal Pallet:
      • Chain link temporary fence panels are packed on sturdy metal pallets for secure transport.
      • Metal pallets provide a strong and stable base, preventing movement during shipping.
    2. Wrapped with Plastic:
      • Each pallet is wrapped with durable plastic to protect the panels from moisture, dirt, and damage.
      • The plastic wrapping keeps the fence panels clean and dry.
    3. Strapping:
      • Heavy-duty straps secure the fence panels to the metal pallet.
      • Strapping ensures that the panels stay in place during handling and transportation.
    4. Corner Protectors:
      • Corner protectors are used to safeguard the edges and corners of the panels.
      • They prevent damage from impacts and ensure the panels remain intact.
    5. Labeling:
      • Each package is labeled with essential information such as product specifications, quantity, and handling instructions.
      • Labels help in easy identification and ensure proper handling during transit.


    Chain link temporary fences offer a strong and reliable solution for various needs. They work well for construction sites, events, and emergency situations. These fences are easy to set up and take down, saving you time and money. They are made from galvanized steel, which means they last a long time and resist rust. You can use them in different settings because they come in many sizes and styles. The fences also help keep areas secure by preventing unauthorized access. Overall, chain link temporary fences provide a practical and effective way to protect and manage spaces.

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