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    A temporary chain link fence is one classified of temporary fencing, and At Our factory, we supply all solutions for commercial residential, construction building, event as well semi constructions, etc.; we design chain wire and weld wire construction fence panels for a long term and recycled jobs finished by pre-galvanized or HDG the service life range from 5 years-25 years compare with another supplier our temporary fence panels with more advantage.

    Benefits of Our Temporary Chain Link Fence

    Quick and Easy Installation: Set up the fence quickly, making it ideal for urgent needs.

    Easy Relocation: Move the fence to different locations as needed.

    Asset Protection: Safeguard valuable assets and protect against public liability claims.

    Convenient Access: The panel size allows easy removal of a single panel for vehicular and machinery access. Use hinged gate systems for added convenience.

    Enhanced Security: Standard panels include barbed wire for extra security.

    Sturdy Construction: Panel stabilizers ensure stability, even in wind-prone areas.

    Versatile Placement: Use concrete blocks for installation on uneven sites, including front or central locating slots.

    New Bracing System: Attach a new bracing system to ensure the fence’s integrity in high-wind areas.


    Temporary chain link fences serve various functions:

    1. Construction Sites: Secure sites and equipment, provide insurance benefits, and meet Occupational Health & Safety requirements.
    2. Site Security: Prevent unauthorized trespassing and liabilities.
    3. Road Closure: Deter motorists from entering restricted roads.
    4. Crowd Control: Ideal for road closures and screening walkways.

    Advantages of Temporary Chain Link Fences

    Non-Invasive Installation: Install the fences without disturbing the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.

    Durability: Weather-resistant and durable, these fences last much longer than other options.

    Light and Robust: The fences are light and easy to handle while being strong and robust.

    Easy Transportation and Storage: Removable steel blocks make transportation and storage more efficient.

    Quick Erection: Erect the fences quickly, at a rate of four meters per minute.

    Economical: Constructed from heavy-gauge galvanized tube and chain link mesh infill, these fences can be used repeatedly.

    Flexible Access: Create a gate at any point on the perimeter. The fences are light and easy to handle, delivered with a forklift for easy distribution.

    Specification of temporary chain link fence

    Chain Link Construction Fence Panels Spec
    Tubing1¼”(32mm) 1⅜”(35mm) 1½”(38mm) 1⅗”(40mm) 1⅝”(42mm) 1⅞”(48mm)and so on
    Thickness of Tubing16GA/ 1.6mm thick as a standard or customized owned size
    Chain mesh aperture2”x2/”(50mm x 50mm) 2¼”x2¼”(57mmx57mm) 2⅜x2⅜(60mmx60mm) 2½”x2½” (63mmx63mm)
    Height4ft/1220mm 6ft/1820mm 8ft/2420mm
    Width12ft /3650mm was wide acceptance by the market also 8ft 9ft, 10ft 14ft
    Panels Size6ft x 12ft ,8ft x 12ft, 4ft x 12ft and so on
    Diameter /Gauge temporary chain link fence10ga/3.2mm ,10.5ga/3.00mm ,11ga/2.90mm,11.5ga/2.75mm,12ga /2.60mm 12.5ga/2.5mm 13ga/2.3m
    Base Optional 136” length x 30” width x 8” Height /914mmx762mmx203mm
    Base Optional 236” length x 16” width x 8” Height /914mmx406mmx203mm
    Base Optional 330” length x 18” width x 8” Height /762mm x460mm x203mm
    StandardASTM A392-06
    SteelGalvanized Steel Construction
    FinishCorrosion-Resistant Zinc Coating
    Transport PackingMetal pallet Wrapped with Plastic
    HDG zinc thickness14 microns 100gram/SQM 28 microns 200 gram/SQM 42 microns 300 gram/SQM and 84 microns 600 gram/SQM



    Conclusion on Temporary Chain Link Fence

    Temporary chain link fences provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications, including construction sites, events, and property delineation. Their ease of installation, durability, and reusability make them a popular choice for both temporary and semi-permanent barriers. These fences are constructed from galvanized steel, ensuring resistance to rust and corrosion, which enhances their longevity even in harsh weather conditions. The flexibility of temporary chain link fences allows for easy relocation and modification, adapting to various site requirements. Additionally, they comply with industry standards like ASTM A392-06, ensuring reliability and safety. Overall, temporary chain link fences are an excellent option for securing areas quickly and effectively.

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