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BMP's Blow Moulding Machine stands out from the crowd. This isn't just any machine; it's a powerhouse designed to make your work easier and faster.

Why Choose BMP's Machine for Your Blocks?

Quick and Reliable: With BMP's Blow Moulding Machine, you're not just making temporary fence blocks; you're crafting the backbone of security. This machine is a speedy workhorse that turns out high-quality blocks, perfect for keeping your temporary fences standing tall.

Energy-Saving Technology: Thanks to the savvy servo motor running the hydraulic system, this machine doesn't just work hard; it works smart. You'll save energy, cut costs, and keep production humming without a hiccup.

Versatility at Its Best: Need different sizes? No problem! The BMP machine switches between single, double, even up to six die heads. Whether it's 4L or 12L jerry cans for your fencing needs, this machine adapts with ease.

Go Big or Go Home: The BMP Blow Moulding Machine isn't limited to small tasks. With a single die head, it can churn out jumbo 12L HDPE jerry cans, making it the MVP of your production line.

Full Throttle Automation: Imagine having robot arms or even 3D robot arms doing the heavy lifting for you. Add in conveyors, a leak tester, and in-mold labeling, and you've got a full-blown robot workforce at your service.

BMP Blow Moulding Machine Parameters

Max. Product Volume12 Liters
Output of HDPE180 kg/h
Clamping Force158 kN
Screw Diameter100 mm
Screw Heating Power21 kW
Blow Pressure0.6 MPa
Size of Machine4.9m x 3.1m x 3.2m

Blow Moulding Machine Applications and Benefits Galore:


  • Temporary fencing blocks for events, construction sites, and more

  • Large containers like jerry cans for industrial use

  • Custom bottles and containers for various needs


  • Flex Arm Clamping and Needle Blow System for perfect angles every time

  • High-speed Electric Gauge for measurements on the fly

  • Maximized production with options for multi-layer projects

Closing Thoughts:

With BMP's Blow Moulding Machine, you're not just buying a machine; you're upgrading to a smarter, faster, and more efficient production line. Say goodbye to slow, costly, and energy-guzzling processes. Say hello to a world where crafting temporary fencing blocks is as easy as pressing a button.

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