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    The temporary fence kit includes temp fence panels, blocks, and clamps. This welded wire fence, made from high-quality carbon steel, offers high strength and security. It is widely used on construction sites to prevent unauthorized access and theft. The fence resists corrosion and rust in outdoor environments. Its lightweight and simple structure make it easy to install and remove, allowing for reuse. This makes it a brilliant and economical choice for construction projects.

    Temporary Fence Auckland delivers from China to New Zealand in just 18 days from Qingdao Port.

    Features of Temporary Fence Kit

    • Panels are fully welded.
    • Manufactured from 32mm, 38mm round pipe.
    • Panels covered with welded mesh for extra rigidity and security.
    • Supplied with stable foot pieces and U clips for secure assembly.


    • Construction sites
    • Temporary protection for factory goods
    • Traffic road fence
    • Major sports events or activities
    • Temporary isolation
    • Large playgrounds

    Installation Temporary Fence Kit


    Temporary Fence Kit

    The Temporary Fence Kit comprises a welded wire mesh panel and round pipes. Australia’s portable fence typically has a hot-dipped galvanized surface treatment, ensuring a bright surface and good corrosion resistance. The fence is easy to install with clamps and feet. Its lightweight design makes it easy to remove and reuse. This makes it a practical and efficient solution for temporary fencing needs.

    temporary fence kit Panels Specifications

    VersionDescriptionOD (mm x mm)Height (mm)Width (mm)Mesh Opening (mm x mm)Diameter (mm)Horizontal WiresVertical WiresWeight (kg)40HC Container Loading Qty
    A-CHEAPESTLightweight, affordable, basic security32 x 1.002100240060 x 1502.5173810.36690 PCS
    B-CHEAPESTIncreased durability, enhanced security32 x 1.202100240060 x 1502.7173812.30690 PCS
    SmartestOptimal strength and durability32 x 1.402100240060 x 1503.0173814.00690 PCS
    China Common StandardStrong and sturdy, cost-effective32 x 1.802100240060 x 1503.8173820.30690 PCS
    Australian StandardPremium quality, long-lasting32 x 2.002100240060 x 1504.0173822.50690 PCS
    MAX 3.3mExtended coverage, high security32 x 2.002100330060 x 1504.0245231.00420 PCS
    MAX 3.5Maximum security, enhanced stability32 x 2.002100350060 x 1504.0245633.00420 PCS



    A temporary fence kit offers a convenient and efficient solution for short-term fencing needs. It is easy to set up and dismantle, making it ideal for construction sites, events, and residential projects. These kits provide a sturdy and reliable barrier that helps control access, enhance safety, and protect property. With all necessary components included, a temporary fence kit ensures quick installation and versatility for various applications. For more information or to purchase a kit, visit the listed company websites.

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